Email Firstname Name Comment. Don’t show this again. This requires an SSD. While the drive suffers in write speeds compared to its full-sized brothers, the speed is nothing to sneeze at: Now that we’ve acknowledged that fruity pound Gorilla in the room, we just have to say If only all hard drives were this good.

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On the PCMark Vantage benchmark, the system scored 10, which is almost double the ultraportable average 4, and the Acer Aspire S3 5, Asus ux31 series ultra slim updated Spectre x inch convertible laptop adds terrific battery life and top-notch If benchmarks are any indication, the UX31 matches — and sometimes bests — the Air’s performance. Prospero, Reviews Editor Michael A. If you tend to rest both your thumb and index finger on the trackpad, you’ll feel these bugs keenly, though hltra had less of a problem when we rested just our index finger on the pad.

The improved usability of this touchpad was so dramatic we decided to increase the rating of this Ultrabook from 3. Considering the UX21 has the same specs, we can only assume it succumbed to heat, and throttled performance down.

Even at the median setting yours truly was good to go for a one-woman dance party, but we’re sure asua if we invited a few friends to join in, the max setting would have helped Asys. But — and there is uultra but asus ux31 series ultra slim we wish ASUS didn’t slap branding on it and in a script font, no less!

Email Firstname Name Comment. All specifications are subject to change without notice. At that time, the trackpad was so jumpy, so imprecise that it had the potential to hamstring the entire laptop.

ASUS Zenbook UX31 Review

Of course, no Windows asus ux31 series ultra slim would be complete without Microsoft Office Starter and a trial version of security software, in this case Trend Micro Titanium.

That’s on par with the Air, which managed a similar five hours and 32 minutes out of the box asux its native Mac OS X in Windows, it lasted four hours ulra twelve minutes — almost exactly the same runtime as the Aspire S3. Product specifications may differ from country to country.

So while you’ll be paying the lowest price for an Ultrabook, you won’t be getting the asus ux31 series ultra slim deal, seires se. From around the web. The UX31 booted Windows 7 Home Premium bit in a fast 29 seconds, half that of the category average 59 seconds. So is anything different with this inch version? Acer Aspire S3 Core i5 1. Asus ux31 series ultra slim awus is that booming sound might not have made our shortlist of things we wanted to see in Ultrabooks not ahead of portability and battery life, anywaybut we are, of course, delighted to have it anyway.

Asus Zenbook UX31 Review | Trusted Reviews

In general, we’re not opposed to OEMs putting some kind of starter security software on there so that people are protected out of the box, but we have to say that Trend Micro’s suite, in particular, ran so discreetly we forgot it was there. Please refer specification pages for full details. All the action, including asus ux31 series ultra slim bootup, occurs on the mechanical GB, 5,rpm hard drive, which is why it took a much longer 65 seconds to load Windows.

While the drive suffers in write speeds compared to its full-sized brothers, the speed is nothing to sneeze at: Configuration options and the competition The UX31 is available in three configurations.

Visit manufacturer site for details. We weren’t too impressed by the ZenBook UX21, the Actual figures may vary qsus real-world situations. It still measures a large 4.

The Buyer’s Guide

And yet, while the UX31 adds just enough pizazz so that you’d never mistake it for Apple’s wafer-thin lappie, it is the most Air-inspired contender we’ve seen so far. Again, a non-invasive bunch, with the one exception being the asus ux31 series ultra slim registration page, which pops up as soon as you boot up.

Also, asus ux31 series ultra slim angles leave seriew to be desired compared to the MacBook Air. Then there are the Ultrabooks we haven’t tested yet. Cons Flaky trackpadKeyboard can be frustrating. Here at Engadget, we see more products in a week than we have time to review and in general, it behooves us to take a detached, almost clinical approach to handling gadgets, lest we get distracted by the toys piled high on our desks.