Anglu kalba per 30 dienu

I never have breakfast. Where does she live? My name is Joly. We don't waste our time.

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Anglų Lietuvių kalbų žodynas | anglult

What colour are her eyes? Are you planning to finish the project on time? I usually arrive at the office a bit late. Is he from Russia? How does he drive?

What did you do at the weekend? You dress very well.

Anglu kalba per 30 dienu on OnBuy

Where duenu the post office? You are so easy to trip up. What are her favourite free time activities? How much does the fuel cost? What time does the train leave?

My name is Pauly. How long did it take you? Where does she live?

Where are your suitcases? My friend Shirley plays the guitar in a jazz band. He is in his late thirties. Who do they work for?

Dorota Dovda. Kaip išmokti anglų per 30 dienų? Anglu pamoka.

Where does he study? What are you doing? What do your neighbours do? I am from London. Prepositions - in, at.

What is your nationality? The teacher is always right. When does she go to the English Classes?

Did you borrow my book? Why aren't you coming with us? We like good food. How are you keeping?

Anglu kalba per 30 dienu

Have a nice time with English lessons How much does it cost? I live on the ground floor. What's the weather like today?

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