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There are a few reasons why it may not work with your phone. Install the two files in case of A2 phones. MBN file,and custom files.

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Shows you the filesystem. Open the other file you want to copy in my computer elsewhere. Install the two files in case of A2 phones.

Flashing the firmware half way may break your phone, and your phone might not start. Start button is same as C key. And you will be ready for the next step. You q2uploader to a2uploafer what you are doing.


Right click on it and click on read. Navigate to the location of your choice. We now proceed to How To Flash The phone. A2uploader in Action While Flashing. You can get firmwares from a2uploaser. Some got their modems unlocked. A2 Uploader for A2 phones: A2 Phones, This is an updated list of A2 phones. Some got their modems unlocked.

But on the beginning you wrote: Glasi January 13th, at 4: With A2uploader you can flash your phone with a2uploafer latest firmwares. Make sure that there is no spaces in it.

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I bought you some thing new. A2uploadrr The Phone firmwares. Click Flash in A2uploader. If the flashing goes smoothly the phone is fine. Now run A2Uploader,the other file in the zip.

We right away get down to the tutorial a2upoader how to use it. Please Wait 10 Seconds!!! Flash Menus, Very cool animated flash themes with animated menus. Etisalat is ready to buy airtel operations in srilanka.

Like Us On Facebook. Some of them are listed below. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: With custom Menu ML you can completely control every menu in the sony ericsson phone.

New Custom Acoustics for better sound quality. Just unpack the downloaded archive and you will find a file with name ggsetup, Install the Gordon Gate drivers with ggsetup.

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