Kacha devayani kandu

Tell me whom do you want to be with, he or me? Kacha is the son of Brahaspati , the Guru and leader of Devas heavenly people. Now Sukracharya said "He is in my stomach now. One day Kacha herded Sukracharya's cattle to the forest to feed them. Ancient Indian Historical Tradition , Delhi:

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Kacha Devayani Kandu - Lalitha Gaanam By K S Chitra

Views Read Edit View history. Thus ended the lives of both Kacha and Devayani. After bathing, Sharmishtha confuses Devayani's sari with hers and puts it on instead. Devayani saw Kacha and fell in love with him. Ancient Indian Historical TraditionDelhi: Kacha Devayani is a Indian Tamil language film produced and directed by K.

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Sukracharya agree and allowed him to go. They burnt his body and took the ashes. But Devayani stopped Kacha on the way and asked him to marry her. Rajammal - Indrani V. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Therefore, he said he will curse her back that no Brahmin will marry her and that whatever she wishes, will not happen. Sarojadevi as the female lead. Parthasarathy Iyengar and the lyrics were penned by Papanasam Sivan and his brother Kaha. One day Sharmishtha, daughter of the Danava king Vrishparva and Devayani, daughter of the Daitya sage Shukracharyago with Sharmishtha's retinue to bathe in a forest pool not far from their kaandu.

Frequently Devas and Asuras went to war with each other. The film is based on a love story from Mahabharatha's Aadi parva and in Matsyapuranam kafha and featured Kothamangalam Seenu and T.

This page was last edited on 13 Decemberat Not to be confused with Devyani Khobragade incident.

Music was composed by V. So, all efforts by Devas were lost and they were in the same plight. So, I will die. Retrieved from " https: Kacha is the son of Brahaspatithe Guru and leader of Devas heavenly people.

Devayani and Yayati leave for forest to spend time peacefully and engage in religious activities dictated as per Dharma. Then Sukracharya chanted the mantra and Kacha came out tearing away Sukracharya's body. At last they burn him, mix that ash in alcohol and give that to Vevayani. Consequently, Vishnu brought them immortality through Amrita.

Sharmishtha was the daughter of Vrisaparvathe Danava king, for whom Shukracharya was an adviser. This Tamil version, with T.

Kacha Devayani Kandu Lyrics

Very much later, inK. If I revive him, he will tear my body and come out. Devayani standing besides Yayati, questions Sharmishtha.

There was only one way to solve this. Ananda Vikatan Press, Madras. Subramaniam to remake it in Tamil.

He told her that she unnecessarily placed a curse on him.

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