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Missing Events - A link to the event or ticket website is the best for helping us verify the information. We also use this information to improve how we track events. I didnt see that coming. How many of those go unseen though?

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I didnt see that coming. A fair few go unseen but I guess it's just the luck of the draw! Go To Topic Listing Requests. Maybe I should have worded it better. Love when dubstep producers do some DnB, normally always quality: Ahhhhh, that makes perfect sense! Thanks for laying that out for me elixlr I appreciate it.

Shows that aren't related to original dance music or DJ'ing might not be added. If it's the older stuff you're looking for, maybe even private message the original poster for a re-up. IE browser version less than 9 not supported.

The hedgehogs are mine!! Yeah the older tracks will be a problem. We want to know. Download the app Get notifications.

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Please try using ChromeFirefoxor a smartphone. This app should be better?

Link submissions always help, especially for recent announcements. By DoubleDeeJune 10, in Requests.

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Thanks mang, need to proof read what i write more often At most once a day Twice a week Once a week Twice a month Once a month. Posted June 11, If a MOD comes across this give it quick edit please: Posted June 10, Guestlist links are provided by community members, and may not guarantee entry. There were a couple of older tunes I'd completely forgotten about and I've found them here but every single link is dead. Missing Events - A link to the event or ticket website is the best for helping us verify the information.

We also accept submissions containing the artist, venue, and date. Event Corrections skiism Tell us if something isn't quite right.

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If an event isn't showing up, make sure you have a close location soism. Posted June 14, How many of those go unseen though? If you like this app, please rate it here! Ey man wtf is this? Just add re-up to the post and I will try to find the HQ versions!

I'll check out the request page.

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