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But amongst a long list of supporting characters in Dhruva series, the most important character has been Shweta, Dhruva's sister. When you are an independent human being. Star-line is attached to a star-shaped grappling hook at one end. Natasha went on to become the first and only person to know Chandika's secret identity.

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Dhruva was born to Shyam and Radha, two trapeze artists who used to perform in Jupiter Circus situated on the outskirts of Rajnagar. Dhruva has also slowly made his presence felt in layest international arena as well.

But we were definitely inspired by them. He is a master strategist and tactician. Sinha was very sure about one thing: This page was last edited on 26 Augustat This article needs additional citations for verification.

Dhruva was one of the few Indian comic book heroes that continued to be published regularly during The Dark Age of Indian Comics [13] between and owing to his dedicated fan base. Dhananjay, the descendent of Gods, is Dhruva's most powerful ally and a good friend who not only provided him with the power to breathe inside water but is also ready to help whenever Dhruva needs him and vice versa.

List of Dhruva comics - Wikipedia

Archived from the original on 14 July Star-blade is Dhruva's personalised shuriken like razor sharp weapon. Dhruva's bike has undergone innumerable design changes from the old fashioned s design to a modernised sports bike lateet. Virusa biologist; Bauna Wamana midget who uses toys as his weapons and Chumba, who possesses the power of magnetism.

He is not really bulky, muscular or heavily built. He would not have Dhruva supre anyone as he wanted Dhruva to be a role model for young kids, his main audience.

List of Dhruva comics

Initially distributed as free gift with all online orders placed on 5 October - Free Comic Book Daythe issue was later sold commercially and became one of the bestsellers Raj comic title. But the highest level of support she provides is in the form of Chandikaa blonde super heroine, her alter ego. Dhruva's only solo issue comiccs he is not featured on the cover art [2].

Dhruv used the pistol in Aadamkhoro ka Swarg. At the age of 14, having lost his parents in a conspiracy that arose out of a business rivalry, he swore to fight against crime for the rest of his life. Retrieved 30 June His only supernatural power seems to be the ability to communicate with most animals and birds which he learned in his childhood, while growing up in Jupiter circus, playing with circus's pet animals.

Eventually he was adopted by the then Superintendent of Police Rajan Mehra. As a result, there is oatest an air of uneasiness between Dhruva and some of his allies including Black Cat and Doga who don't think twice before killing a criminal, and he always makes dhrkv a point not to let them take the law in their hands in front of his eyes. Although potentially lethal, Dhruva rarely uses them in a lethal way.

Tell me, when do you move out of reading comics? From tothe frequency of Dhruva's solo general issues kept on decreasing and solo special issues kept on increasing. This list presents all these titles in order of publication; it also includes titles in which Dhruva does not appear but which are related to the character. Soon after, the pistol was removed from the character.

Super Commando Dhruva - Wikipedia

Later, the city police chief Rajan Mehra adopted Dhruva as his own son. The only animal that he can not communicate with is a gorillaas shown in "Bahri Maut".

This article is about the Indian superhero character. In the title 'Dhruva-shakti', Dhruva's sister Shweta, a budding scientist, gave him some assortments that included a metallic bracelet each comic both his hands. He is also adept at trapezebalancing and other acrobatic arts that he learned from his own parents.

In Decembera series named "Bal Charit" was launched, with its first issue "Hunters" being released. Sinha's first two characters Space Star and Private Detective Kapil didn't become very popular, but served as the early drafts for Super Commando Dhruva.

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