Wwf wrestlefest game

Why, I'm glad you asked. Disqus Comments Facebook Comments. Body Slam - The opponent is scooped up over the wrestler's head and slammed back-first onto the mat hence Scoop-Slam.

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This is a great game! This also allows wwwf wrestlers in the ring for a brief period. Chestbreaker - The wrestler is slammed chest first over the outstretched knee. Under emulationcheat codes allow the player to team Smash or Crush with other characters.

Suplex - With the opponent's head under one arm, the wrestler grabs the opponent's trunks and hoists the wwwf over their own head and down onto the floor back-first. Million Dollar Dream - In reality, a Cobra Clutch - see Section 9 Standing behind the opponent, one arm in Dibiase'e case his right snakes wretslefest the same arm on the opponent's side and clenches the carotid artery on the opposite side of the neck.

The first and last wrestling game to contain Demolition - and sorely missed they are. What about other formats?

WWF WrestleFest

Boston Crab - The wrestler first grabs the pone opponent's legs under his arms and then turns over sitting wrestlefesy. Animal will keep the opponent on shoulders indefinetly.

May 25 Trademark Hold: Hawk and Animal are not initially selectable in the arcade version, but a second player can "buy-in" to the game while the first player battles Legion of Doom in the Main Event mode, allowing them to control Hawk and Animal and continue playing as them if they win the two-player match. Go to Demolition, then sort of mash Up, Down and Left at the same time. May 2 Trademark Hold: Your partner in tag mode will be allowed in and can kick or punch the opponent.

WWF WrestleFest - Wikipedia

Disqus Comments Facebook Comments. In 1P mode, just dump your opponent near your corner with their feet pointing at your corner. Snap Mare - AKA Flying Mare With the opponent behind the wrestler, the arms go back to snatch the opponent's head and flip them over the wrestler's shoulder onto their back.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Views Read Edit View history.

Wrestle wwd of the challengers down to the canvas and either get them counted out or let them tap out! Your cursor will highlight the 'blank' at the bottom right where Crush is in the Royal Rumble select. Additionally, after a team member has been on the apron for a certain length of time, they will "power up," temporarily giving them the ability wrestefest win all grapples and inflict more damage than usual.

Play WWF WrestleFest Coin Op Arcade game online

This page was last edited on 2 Septemberat Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Sonic The Hedgehog 2. Well you CAN pick Crush and someone else The opponent ggame out of it 2.

His Double Clothesline in particular is devestating, capable of taking out as many people as are standing in front of you. DLC Pack 6 was also the first DLC pack since the remake was released that did not include any superstars from the original game.

Right at the start or for any fresh wrestlers, grab and smack 'em wwff a headlock. Retrieved from " https: Tag them in as soon as possible; they will shake the ropes to alert you to this fact. A great tactic is to climb the top rope immediately after hurling someone outside.

Try it a few times, it'll work! In Wrestlefest there really is no suggestable tactics aside from repeated double-teaming and frequent excursions to the outside. Why is it sometimes I play 4 matches before the LoD, and sometimes 5?

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