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I know how much you love my questions. Sign in to start talking. WebStorm does a moderate job doing go-to-definition on JS in general, and mostly gets things right in my experience with Aurelia. ES does not do DVD authoring, nor does it have fancy music included like some of the off-the-shelf retail programs. Maybe changing the DOM property vs the attribute.

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Edit Studio by far had the easiest interface to learn, and a great set of features that go beyond most of the others out there. I just need a method to MD5 a string.

Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating. Excellent support group as well. Perhaps the main criticism is the way EditStudio uses effects - these are called "toppings" and you drag any number of effects onto the editstusio and place it over the piece of video.

When you guys mentioned promise I realized I am making it return. Note that your submission may not appear immediately on our site. PWKad waiting on that. Is it possible to import a function from a library? Login or create an account to post a review. My initial thought was the same, but that library supports Angular with a relatively small amount of angular ecitstudio code, so it would seem possible?

Most of them can handle the first two, none I know of can handle the third yet. This is my first post here. Herbs are great as one can create ones own scene changing look. Could you explain how you are using it when it is not working?

Unstable when importing HD video.

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If I didn't have the changed there, it would list all files in the directory. I'm binding a React rendered element.

Aaike In the latest skeleton navigation app, why is the router set to null? I did an update to head of master today and that is when things broke.

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The switching between different cameras is done right on the Effect layer, without actually touching any of your synchronized videos. PWKad "we know have ES6 classes Unable to load registry lib. I'm setting target to ES5 so no transpiling and module to systemjs.

Is it a two-way binding issue? So would you say it would be better to just not use that and just wrap my own md5 js internally within this plugin? Let me test on latest. Most effects are easy to use but for rostrum-type pans and zooms the operation is tedious and often doesn't work properly.

If you don't return the v it will not get all of the values. The call situation is a known issue that should be fixed in next release i believe but the delegate is not working? Maybe changing the DOM property vs the attribute. Does everything I wanted it to do and if anything goes wrong it's nice knowing someone cares to answer your questions.

You are logged in as. Aaike Its not working.

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