Always helpful for those of us who get rare exposure to CT! Thanks for the clear yet concise directions. Who knew there was a plug in for it?!

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This was great, thanks for all of the information you give us! Number one on the list: Have you ever considered a custom signature for your blog? Thanks for the post. So many things I want to implement!! Loved how you attached the video with it! Thank you so much! Thanks for the tutorial!

Make your WiseStamp signatures even more personal with My Live Signature

I now have a signature. About Kat Hilariously funny. Just added it to my blog!

I did run into one problem. Who knew there was a plug in for it?! Where you can find Mama Kat: I have WordPress 3.


Now I have a question, is there a way to have HTML coding automatically go into a blog post every time we make one? I have learned all that I do on my blog from people like you who are willing to share. Mama's Losin' It Twitter Facebook. Just added my signature to my posts.

MyLiveSignature: Create Your Online Signature

We have a fun tutorial to show self hosted WordPress bloggers Blogger blogs coming soon! However, how can I make the signature be centered at the end of my post instead of on the left side of it? This information was very useful and easy to follow directions were great. The very basic steps to use My Live Signature are simple.

I was not aware about this earlier. Thank you for this.

Definitely will check this out!! What are you using to create a signature? Other than that, great directions! And this is not the first time you gals have brought me the information I need, just when I needed it!

About the Author Latest Posts. Thanks for the clear yet myliveesignature directions. Have you created a way to add signatures to your posts for Blogger Users?

Thanks a lot and also best of luck. Do you know what I can mylivrsignature to fix? I have been wondering about how to add a signature for some time now — so excited to see this tutorial!

I also will surely try to add blog signature to my posts also using this method. Thanks for sharing I will use it.

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