Cisco webex connect 7.1

Check the presence of the person you want to call, and then initiate a phone call to that person quickly by clicking on the phone number in their business card. You can switch between deskphone and softphone mode. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. If a user receives a WebEx meeting invitation, but the host ends the meeting before the user has joined the meeting, the user will receive an error when they click on the "Join" link.

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AV with policy restricted incompatibility between version 7. With SSO, users more securely log in using their corporate login credentials.

Cisco UC Integration™ for Cisco WebEx Connect 7.1

The user will need to close the file and then reopen it in order to proceed. This problem typically occurs if there are special characters in the telephone numbers in the Cisco WebEx Connect user profile. User switch between modes. Available terms 1,2,3 and 5-year subscriptions 1-year subscription 1, 2 and 3-year subscriptions; Monthly co-term SKUs Optional IM federation available?

You can conenct between deskphone and softphone mode.

Familiar dial-pad interface increases productivity. CSCuh A PC has both wired and wireless network interfaces turned on, and network connectivity is via the wired connection.

Initiate a web meeting session directly through the WebEx Connect client, using either Cisco Unified MeetingPlace or Cisco WebEx meeting applications to share content, such as a presentation, document, or your desktop.

Cisco WebEx Connect (free) download Windows version

Cisco Unified Communications Manager. Currently, there is no estimate on when a patch will be available from Microsoft to correct this problem.

Keep logs of all IM traffic throughout your organization and send those messages to your existing email archives or to other third-party archiving endpoints. Direct dial from dial pad Familiar dial-pad interface increases productivity. Direct dial webec dial pad. View a calendar of your daily meetings and click to join your scheduled WebEx meetings.

Resolved Issues in the 7.

In order to specify the group for the user, the administrator should rename the group name to a unique name and then try again. A variety of call-control options are available, including mute, park and retrieve, call transfer, call forwarding, on-demand conferencing, and the capability to easily move an active call to a mobile device. Call statistics softphone only. CSCty If a user schedules a recurring meeting in Outlook and adds a WebEx meeting to it, and then the user deletes one occurrence of the recurring meeting in Outlook, the Cisco WebEx Connect Meetings tab shows two webfx for that occurrence, instead of showing that the occurrence connwct been deleted.

Cisco WebEx Connect Release Notes

When the 7.1 connection is disabled, the PC switches to the wireless connection, but connectivity to CUCM is not established. Cisco WebEx application-based presence.

Group chat and audio conference sessions are as simple as clicking a button, eliminating the need to use other applications and interfaces to schedule, invite, or join conferences. People can reach you with one phone number no matter what device you are using. Point-to-point chat with co-workers inside your network, or supported federated business and personal contacts Group chat, which helps enable co-workers in your company and vonnect external federated contacts to communicate and collaborate on an ongoing discussion Maintaining a personal IM history for your reference Predictive search Look up contacts quickly - even if you do not remember how to spell a name.

Presence and Availability Cisco WebEx application-based presence When you make or receive phone calls from WebEx Connect, your presence is updated so that anyone else looking at your status will see that you are on the phone. To resolve this problem, the user should restart Cisco WebEx Connect so it will use the new audio device.

To download software, visit the Cisco Software Center. Cisco WebEx Connect can be procured via the Cisco Global Price List GPL using a number of flexible pricing and packaging options designed to meet the business needs of any organization.

Cisco WebEx Connect Release Notes

CSCui Changing the audio device after a call has been established causes the subsequent calls to end automatically. Meeting titles should not contain quotation marks.

CSCzu Conect calls are being reported for both host and participants in reports, but should be reported only for the host. An organization must purchase a minimum of 25 named hosts in order to buy off of the GPL, and there is no maximum order size. Customers are required by then to upgrade to this version of the Cisco WebEx Connect application to be able to continue to start and join meetings and audio conferences from the Cisco WebEx Connect application.

Upgrading to this version has a limitation.

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