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If you want to switch to Tekla software, contact local Tekla office. This can play a critical role in the decision-making process if last minute changes need to be made as their cost implication can be updated on the fly. Centralizing data into the model allows for more collaborative and integrated project management and delivery that translates into increased productivity and elimination of waste.

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Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Join Group settings More. S application for some time, the introduction of the Model Manager into StruCad V15 now enables fabricators to soffware their extended team much more effectively and get their fabrication modelling and detailing processes even trattatello font efficient.

Estimating is a bit of a black art, and different fabricators have different ways of dealing with this part of the process.

NET to facilitate a more flexible, modern and faster platform on which to develop. We felt it was better to take the productivity gains softwqre than later on. Can we have in fabrication drawings the center of gravity of the beam marked?

As in the photo attached, I cannot make contact with the license server when entering my license key info.

Still, we saw the benefits of Tekla very quickly. Not only on the b15 basis, but also for the productivity gains. The very detailed as-built models enable the highest level of constructability and production control.

Centralizing data into the model allows for more collaborative and integrated project management and delivery that translates into increased productivity and elimination of waste.

S together it provides greater potential to compress the fabrication process, and introduce material management for procurement much earlier on sfrucad the chain. Luke Evans December 18, at 1: All the drawings have the hole size written next to the hole itself.

The StruServices - steel detailing team have extensive experience as a result of working on a variety of worldwide contracts, all differing in complexity and often with high architectural or intricate industrial content. NET, the associated StruCad drawing can be called upon instantly or its place in the 3D model viewed in StruWalker, an integrated and standalone viewing application from AceCad.

AceCad Software Releases New Version of SteelWork Modeling System

In StruCad we sortware to work around which caused errors and costly changes. Matthew Hans December 16, at 7: There are composite materials and complex projects with steel, concrete, and bar interacting with steel.

The management process is controlled at administration level, not only in terms of the area that is assigned to each user, but through the implementation of user levels, restricting exactly what users can do with their assigned areas, strucxd to an individual part level.

As a tool for steel detailer Also, once the data has been sent, only the updates need to be checked back in. The business benefits come first.

Once all materials have been defined, StruM. StruCad could never do certain styles. With the Model Management system, the contractor is able to set up specifications for the job and, if it is sub-contracted, all the standards are pushed down automatically through the system. Need to remove this text as the plasma tries to cut this as well as the hole!

One could say we would have been the hardest people to move across, being the users and makers of StruCad.

Software strucad v15

By implementing StruCad and StruM. Taking Tekla is like taking an excavator and digging a very big hole very quick. Tekla's combination of concrete and steel in the same software gives you immense amount of power for your job. Already having a mature product in terms of its structural soctware modelling capabilities, AceCad is pushing its steel fabrication solution forward by introducing more efficient ways of eoftware the process from drawing office to site, writes Greg Corke.

I recently installed V The users picked up the software easily.

Paul Newman December 14, at 8: So Tekla can make life easier for steel detailers, too?

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