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LeCab2 is the evolution of LeCab1. The video below demonstrates several of the amp sounds and settings as well. Great article thank again keep up the good work Here is the download link:

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Latest Popular Comments Tags. I opened up my project in recovery mode and when I playback with LeCab2 my entire project crashes: Do you have those spikes on playback or on idle? Your blog posts are superb. This has nothing to do wiht bridging as I first thought.

These are my favorite. LeCab v1 doesn't do this, but then again, the same impulse I lecag using in v2 doesn't sound the same in v1. Obviously, until a 64 bit version comes along, one is forced to use a bit bridge. Fifth of all I will make a donation for all the amps you've put out, as soon as I can spare the amount that I have in mind.

I have made some tests. LeCto — Was inspired by a popular high gain head the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier and includes 2 channels with 3 modes each, and a variety of controls. Ooulin will make a great donation!!!!!!

I made this for both versions of LeCab and Le, without success. Fourth of all, I'd like to ask you if you plan to put more amps out there, like a Vox AC30 TB, or a Fender DeLuxe Custom 57, which are legnedary, and would really round up the palette really nicely.


Hi all, I was wondering if there is a tutorial on how to use this software, I am not that good at this sort of stuff. It worked fine in previous versions of Reaper.

Impulse loaders

It just produces no sound. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

Lecab2 only works when the session is in I tried 96khz, but there is no playback. Hi everyone, Sorry for not being very active here.

FREE: Poulin LeCab2 Cabinet Impulse Loader VST | supriyamalik.xyz

One of the more popular free plugins with the option to donate can be found on the LePou Plugins blog. It features 2 channels with 2 modes each, 2 assignable tonestack, and drive and tone controls. Late night cabs hire. Hi, with total objectivity let me tell you you make the best amp sims out there of all. I have a feature request though: These sure are some great sims for being free. Hey Lepou, please make a AU version for Logic if you have time! As can be seen, unless under extrem case, these artifacts can be eliminated with the low and high pass filters as provided by LeCab2 for each slots.

Anyone else experiencing this? Orange Tiny Terror is also a huely versatile and excellent sounding amp.

LePou Free Amp Sim Plugins Overview (Video)

Thank you and best regards. Let me know if you find a download link for it. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Jbridge is usually excellent at getting plugins stable in a 64 bit environment.

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