Simufact forming 9.0

Open the catalog to page 5. In the latest release, Dual-Solver Technology was developed further and provides users with access to the latest solver technologies of MSC. About Simufact Engineering GmbH The Hamburg, Germany based Simufact Engineering GmbH supports its customers as a solution provider for production technology, offering optimization and production process design by process simulation. Open the catalog to page 2.

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Froming Forming Ring Rolling. Experience and Success Optimize your development and manufacturing processes in cooperation with Simufact by applying the most actual technology: The latest in additive manufacturing software and materials.

This technology, in combination with the available further developments in the definition of complex kinematics, is ideally suited for a use in spin and flow forming process applications. Competing simulation environments often require experts with computer science knowledge for programming complex models. This approach is cost-effective aimufact adjusts to changing requirements.

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Simulation simufac distortion of an additively manufactured aerospace bracket. Finally, the release offers enhancements for the simulation of cold massive forming, sinufact, and any kind of rolling processes. This can be done for any complexity of tools, like pre-stressed dies and tool reinforcements, with an unlimited number of components.

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Simufact is an industry leader in providing simulation solutions for all of the metal manufacturing process chains. The module helps you avoid typical simuafct defects such as fold formation on the component. The Sheet Metal Forming module also allows the combination of different processes with incision tools, transfer tools, or in progressive tool technology for realistic modeling.

All other trademarks belong to their respective owners. Users can choose from any of the others listed below to augment their simulation capabilities. Close attention has been hereby paid especially on further improvement of the characteristics and functions appreciated by existing customers, i.

Simufact Engineering GmbH releases version 9.0 of forming simulation environment Simufact.forming

For more information, please visit www. Accurate simulations are possible by capturing the key aspects that affect the processes, which include: Quick Simulation Pays Fogming.

Essential for a high-precision simulation of cold forming processes is the realistic prediction of the forces involved in the forming process while taking into account the effects Additional modules are available to help with die stress analysis and microstructure calculations, faster performance, CAD import, customization, and access to material databases.

It is suitable for both axial and radial simufwct rolling. The new mesher delivers a perfect form of the forming part, based on the high-precision hexahedron technology with a minimum of elements. We kindly ask you to provide us basic information on your needs in order to enable you with a quote.

Also for the first time available is the "sheet mesher", which allows the powerful simulation of sheet metal forming, starting with a 3D CAD model of the blank sheet. This website uses firming to improve the user experience.

Simulating Manufacturing Application Modules simufact. In this article Reinders gives his take on the use of roofline estimation as a tool for code optimisation in HPC. Software and is based on the standards of the MSC. Open the catalog to page 7. As with the entire product, Simufact laid its development focus also here especially on the ease of use of the software.

Formimg the catalog to page Forming simulation in the automotive industry — simufsct and cost efficiency at Neumayer Tekfor.

A large number of users trust in simulation technology from Simufact.

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