Aveyond 3 darkthrop prophecy

When you have enough gold, return to Veldarah and purchase a sword called Shard from the Junk Dealer. There are notices about a jewel thief in Sedona. There is a new staff for Stella in the chest behind the octopus on the ladder.

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Galahad still thinks he must go to the Demon Realm on a rescue mission. Diversification is recommended; one offensive and one defensive class.

Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy Walkthrough

Go back to the gem dealer once more and ask him who sold him the ring. Talk to her and she will go to her mother. Then enter the cathedral. You may have to use some of your most valuable items to survive, but once you find the cursed object, the route home is fairly direct. Use the ice pick on the ice column near the exit to Underfall to get an ice cube.

Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy Walkthrough - Gamezebo

When you leave the house and exit the garden, Katie is called back inside. After the fight, return to your room and watch the scene.

You are teleported to Dreamland. She is upset that Ingrid gave everyone but her a caramel apple. He gives you a note and permission to leave.

Return to the island with the statue, and put the arrow on the statue. She prophecu the entire party by seven levels and warns that nothing is what it seems in this place.

Needs three gifts to make her happy. When you have the key, go back out and go to the top exit of the two exits in the south. Go in and make your way around to the next gate. Head east and then south. Stella has come a long way since we first met her and has now become one of the more useful party members.

Edward comes out to meet Mel and tells her the school is under attack by monsters. Fight the bats and go in. Go to your room and get some rest. Now explore the rest of the Demon Caves.

Exit Almirk Jungle on the south side and go to the hut to the west. Then go in the water. Return the laundry to Wyona and collect 10 gold coins.

The farmer wants to grow red slimes but needs red gel to do so. Return to the Demon Caves and use the cave key to open the locked door.

A while later, there is a shriek in the night. Go back a little from the second flame and enter the cave. Interact with the pedestal with the star shape on it. Try and avoid the purple flame if you can. Needs two gifts to make her happy. You can land your dragon anywhere on grass. By now, he should be getting aveynod good with his lute. For this battle, defeat the two wisps roaming the hallways.

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