You could try testing for a plugin conflict. Hi, I have implemented a few iLightbox codes at my photos. Would you mind providing us with login credentials so we can take a closer look? In the Post Slider Element, you can choose to display images in a lightbox, only if the Post Slider is set to the Attachment layout. Allows you to enable or disable deep linking image in the lightbox.

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Learn more about Content Based Elements here. Social Sharing - Illustrated as N. Your Lightboxes become easily shared on social sharing networks.

How to use with Avada theme’s iLightBox?

Sorry, forgot to paste the page link https: Can I use this script on my client's website? Clicking this image will open the lightbox. Recent Posts WordPress 5. It's because iLightBox will remove the scrollbar when its opens. Allows you to enable or disable navigation arrows. Please try setting the deeplink option to false. October 18, at 9: This could be because ilightbox.

While persistent challenges still lay ahead, the city's creative class is hell-bent on making sure that their hometown thrives. Slideshow Video Dimensions - Illustrated as Q.

Compatible with the Jetpack galleries. These are the element options for the Lightbox Element added through the Fusion Builder. Discussion If you have any question that are beyond the scope of the iLightBox, please feel free to join the discussion. Choose between Fast, Slow or Normal. Native browser fullscreen support. Title - Illustrated as L. Close Sliding Ilihhtbox Area. We invite you to check out our new community and forums, Apex. Click me for a prompt dialogue.

Need help with something you can't find an answer to in our documentation? I will do my best to assist you.

iLightBox · Revolutionary Lightbox Plugin

In this case iLightBox allow photos will be available for next references via URL and infinite the gallery. Allows you liightbox enter alternative text in case the full image cannot be displayed. Allows you to enable or disable the lightbox. Alt Text - Illustrated as E.

iLightbox - ThemeFusion

Open Ajax with forced size x Lightbox Description - Illustrated as Ilightbo. Not only does it resize to fit perfectly on mobile devices, but mobile users can also use swipe gestures to navigate through the media galleries.

Deeplinking - Illustrated as O. Background Opacity - Illustrated ilighthox K. When your CSS is properly coded and all the required files are uploaded and included you should have no problem implementing iLightBox. In this case iLightBox display the DOM elements that created on the fly and the lazy loading can load all entire elements.

Allows you to upload an image to display.

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