Yes, indeed, it has taken me this long to finnish the project. More Cathode-Coupled Amplifiers Having made over fifteen posts on the topic of the cathode-coupled amplifier, what more can I say? If you are new to balanced audio, check out my post and post and post , all of which give good overviews. The result is an inverted signal at the top triode's plate, equal in magnitude to the output signal at its cathode.

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If, on the other, the primary is capacitor-coupled, and particularly if this capacitor is small in value, then this tubedad can and will become overcharged. Zen-esque B Amplifier The secret behind all power amplifiers is found in transconductance, the measure tubecae the change in current flow through an electronic device relative to the change in control voltage.

My next step was to place a powerful fan a few feet in front of the frame and blow.

Here is the textbook version, which will not do us much good, as we want to use use the Linkwitz-Riley 2nd-order alignment that sums to flat at the crossover frequencies Ideally, a tenfold or hundredfold decrease in impedance would thbecad it far easier to use tubeca transformers.

Second, the TCJ stepped attenuator now offers many more positions, a total of 66 steps with 1dB resolution, as the center switch now presents 11 positions, rather than the old 6 positions.

This program's goal is to provide a quick and easy display not only of the frequency response, but also of the resistor and capacitor utbecad for a passive and active filters and crossovers. This stereo attenuator offers 36 volume settings, but only holds two 6-position rotary switches and 24 resistors. Air-Core Output Transformer Returning to single-ended power amplifiers, one idea that I have longed to try out for decades now is to make an air-core output tubeccad.

The Tube CAD Journal: The Accordion Amplifier: A new single-ended topology

To all my patrons, all 69 of them, thank you all again. We get a lot more signal gain and the PSRR drops to near zero at the pentode's plate.

Must it be a convertible? The 2A3, on the other hand, would look cool.

The above Sandman class-S topology creates a virtual ground out of the bottom amplifiers. Of course, feedback will lower not only distortion and Zo, but noise as well. Which tube gives the most gain?

Basically no difference worth bothering about.

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This not the usual setup. I have my own list of books ready, when Tim gets around to asking me ; He never asks, however, tubead CDs are most often given as gifts. The switch holds two decks two poles and twelve positions.

He told me that he owns one of just about every tweeter made. The project just fought me every step of the way, which was entirely my fault.

I met one such a speaker fancier back in Sacramento, California.

High-quality, double-sided, extra thick, 2-oz traces, plated-through holes, dual sets of resistor pads and pads for two coupling capacitors. So my expectations were not high.

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Moreover, a good input transformer can solve problems, such as ground loops and house-ground loops, better than any other approach. I do plan on remaking all of these programs into bit versions, but it will be a huge ordeal, as programming requires vast chunks of noise-free time, something very rare with children running about. It is indeed, Irene Kral is one of those female jazz singers who always appears on list of great singers that should be more famous But the voltage would not linearly move from that 0V to the V; instead, we see the voltage drop negatively as we move away from the cathode and then the voltage would climb positively until we hit the plate and read V.

The culprit might be the heater-to-cathode capacitance, which could provide a path for inter-channel mixing of signals But as the music builds to crescendos, the negative-bias voltage falls, reducing the idle current, moving the output stage away from class-A and towards class-B, producing more distortion, but also more output power Upside-Down Auto Bias Cathode bias can be accomplished in many ways.

It can, however, form the heart of two excellent constant-current sources In the last post, we saw my latest project: The first workaround is have big open switch structure that allows you to apply contact cleaner to the tarnish, restoring the conductivity; the second is to use a rotating knife-switch scrapper that cuts away the tarnish and thin slice of silver with each rotation.

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