Vastadu naa raju english subtitles

Telugu is known as Italian of the East, you country brute. Butt him and say no to his love She would've eloped with a man.

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Leave me sir, there's the collar with whom your daughter eloped. What did deny you? We must kill him!

Yes, Venkatappa Naidu was also like that only. Did you feel hurt for my comment?

This young maiden is pining for you Only then your sister will come back to you. Tell me what's in your stomach. Crab knows crab's difficulties! But I'm very unlucky. engllish

Vastadu Naa Raju - - English Subtitles

Taking bribes from people Shell free with every coconut! I think it's your brother, tell him we'll meet him on an auspicious day.

Losing sense of time with mischievous thoughts Because of you, my dream of becoming an MLA is getting fulfilled. Your hands mustn't get dirtied with blood. He'll top the hit list as soon as you become an MLA. Then I don't want.

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He says if ever he marries, he'lI marry your sister only. We've combed the city, we didn't find Praveen.

He beat us earlier and is here to impress our coach. But l've a brain to rule over this world Because you can collect much there. I wish you to be my partner all the life Why did you bring out the mad girl?

But didn't expect you'd change and go after men like a cheap girl. Is it lodge to sleep here after a drinking binge?

Subtitles for Vastadu Naa Raju

Wishes to spend easily and happily! Haa not answering my calls. Innumerable murders and kidnaps, why did I do? Why are you showing it to me? I'm sure he'll elope with our sister, brother! Let there be any hurdle, I'll take on it face to face and move on If l hand over in couple of hours, they'll offer lunch, if I delay it by a day, they'll help me in pursuing kick-boxing.

You don't mind, he's little proud.

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