Dota 6.80c map

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Anonymous July 28, at 3: Since, your hero has full inventory the wards will drop as a Yellow-book on the ground. I tried it and just a suggestion, do not waste your time guys! Your email optional, used for replies: They only know btter grphics on game but the gameplay the n the ovr all gameplay much pretty nice d original dota n d trusted Anthrax March 4, at Stanislav Abdullin March 10, at 6: Dotz April 30, at Get Updates via Email!

Dota 6.80c Map - Official DotA 6.80c Map & Changelogs (Released!)

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DotA c Map Download and DotA b Gold Bug | Dota-Utilities

Kindly keep posting more things. Top Posts DotA 6.

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Once a weekwe send a recap of our best articles and, if we host a Giveaway, you'll be the first to know! I will share this with my friends and other members. Got a raise at work? With this latest DotA Allstars Map, you'll receive increased stability, extra updates, and much more. sota

I want to ease your burden looking, so I am just giving you the real download link. Don't compare Dota1 and Dota2.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Each time you use a single ward from Courier, you get Double 2x wards in return Pick-up the dropped Wards yellow-books again using the courier and repeat the steps.

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