John scalzi redshirts

Oddly enough, I have just agreed a deal with my publisher to do something similar to this — a longer novella length sequel to a short they published followed by a number of shorts set in the same world but using different characters in order to expand the setting out more. This book makes total fun of the fact that Redshirts or side crew are just fodder for the Sci-Fi killing machine to die in horrible and sometimes ridiculous ways. I was going to have him sign the back of my Nook in silver Sharpie. Dec 18, Choko rated it really liked it Shelves:

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The story is meant to be a takeoff of Star Trek but it felt more like several episodes jhn Red Dwarf, most recently the Back to Earth movie where the crew arrived on earth and encountered the actors that played them.

And it's never the officers. What had been in large part a light comedic story is finished with some maudlin, sadly meaningful postscripts that seemed like a last-ditch attempt to make the story more worthy.

Next Post A Cool Million. I couldn't shake the feeling that Scalzi got to the end of the main story, realized it was the dreaded novella length unsellable instead redahirts a full novel and started to explore some side issues and threw them onto the end. So the fascinating point was this: And nohn course The Captain, the Science officer and the Lieutenant don't have a hair harmed.

A Note About the Format of Redshirts

View all 17 comments. How have we come to accept this idea?

A novel with three codas. The Revolt in omnibus was similar, one main novel and several connected shorts, although not originally written that way.

This book is extremely funny in parts, especially if you're familiar with the original Star Trek and some of its characters and quirks, but it's really kind of an odd book at johb same time. This makes it easier for us to be friends, because we're both doing our own thing on our own ends of the street, metaphorically speaking. Besides, I'm pretty sure there were no such things as blowjobs, back in the 60s view spoiler [ hide spoiler ] Oh dear, I guess I was wrong.

This is a good thing. See all 7 questions about Redshirts….

'Redshirts': A Love Letter To Sci-Fi Fans

They're interesting, but so redsnirts different in tone from the rest of the book that the contrast is a little jarring. The book is still unbelievably funny at this point. It had me until the end when I just couldn't suspend disbelief anymore. And I loved the Star Trek Intrepid crew. And naturally, this is fine and perfectly fair.

'Redshirts': A Love Letter To Sci-Fi Fans : NPR

It's sort of an odd read as it almost travels in redshhirts descending arc. However, the novel is indeed a fine masterpiece of crafty reading.

Space stuff pretty much bores me to death except from Star Wars. Redshirts is certainly my new favorite of yours. I think it worked very well. I actually enjoyed Fuzzy Nation more.

Redshirts by John Scalzi

It was also short with the main story being about pages. There is little in terms of descriptions and the story is heavy in dialogue. The author called it an epilogue. Nov 26, Lyn rated it really liked it. Well this works fine for me. Otherwise, sans dialogue, Wheaton's incredible.

Or completely demolishing it. It pokes fun at cheesy sci-fi television while honoring it at the same time. If you want me to go into more detail, I can. With an axe handle.

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