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All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Mauler - Type Pistol. The Wraith assault gun carriage is the primary armored fighting vehicle used by the Covenant.

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Highly explosive Covenant grenade with a dangerous adherence property.

Although technically designed for vehicle or stationary use, a Spartan can easily lift and use this rapid firing homing missile launcher. Armed with twin rapid fire plasma cannons, this is a typical Covenant ground assault and recon vehicle. Accurate if used in short, well aimed bursts and otherwise ferociously powerful at close range.

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Submachine guns, while not accurate over long distances, are particularly effective at close quarters. If you want no abusive admins It is not simple, because this driver thinks that he is a racer. Mxmo View Profile View Posts.

Fires explosive projectiles and is furnished with an elaborate and dangerous bayonet. The protagonist, Kate T. Holds 5 shells per magazine, this massive handgun is favored by Brutes and is based on their native, pre-Covenant technology. Mauler - Type Pistol. Halo 3 and Halo 3: Galaxy On Fire 2 full version This is second game from the hit gamea series.

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Standard issue information storage and sensory group housing. Needler - Type GML.

Build high skyscrapers for citizens. Crazy Taxi Help crazy taxi driver in transportation of passengers to different places of the city. Kill 3 opponents within 4 seconds of each other. So, choose among 11 different submarines. Kill 4 opponents within 4 seconds of each other.

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Hit and kill an opponent with a melee attack. Java games Date Rating Alphabetical. The Wraith assault gun carriage is the primary armored fighting vehicle used by the Covenant.

Castle 3D The protagonist of this game is a spy of Soviet Union. Razor sharp crystalline projectiles with a combined explosive property, are fired from this elaborate Covenant weapon. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. Ghost - Type RAV.

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I'll give your server a look later mate: Be the driver of a vehicle when a passenger kills an opponent. A recoil-operated, semi-automatic handgun.

Gas operated, fully-automatic projectile rifle capable of sustained continuous fire. He wants to get biggest diamonds in deepest levels of the mine. I'm the same as you, haven't tames in 2 months because of it. The objective is to destroy pests on fruits. Board a land-based vehicle by forcibly removing the opponent in it. Start a New Discussion.

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