Sweetscape 010 editor version 3

Fixed issues searching for very long arrays of hex bytes more than bytes. Officially support Ubuntu Tools Find in Files tool Can recursively search a directory or all open files for a set of bytes. Download SweetScape Editor 6. Improved Find speed, up to 10 times faster in some cases.

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When created new files, the default linefeeds to use are now specified in the File Interface see the File Interfaces page of the Options dialog. Use -noui to run Editor without a user interface for batch files.

Editor Manual - Notes for Users of Editor v

Comparison results are sortable by clicking on the table headings. Clipboard Can use 'Paste Special' command to paste in different formats. Gaining widespread popularity, the Editor now has users in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Fixed an undefined variable in a vesion could be displayed as an error in an associated template. Bug fixes Minor bug fixes with the Code Editor. Professional text and hex editing with Binary Templates technology.

Full support for Unicode file names and strings in the application. Fixed display glitch with Output tab showing red text. Possible to show or hide different sections e.

Shortcut Keys New, easier-to-use interface for changing Shortcut keys in the Options dialog. New Editor Repository holds an online collection of Binary Templates and Scripts that have been submitted by users of the software.

010 Editor - Download Previous Versions

Importing files now properly imports last line if it does not have a sweetscaps return. New 'Jump to Template Variable' command to lookup a template variable from a file address. Preprocessor define now works with symbols that have previously been defined. Fixed a bug with using Export Hex and more than bytes per line.

For example, the Binary Comparison tool lets users compare two similar files side by side and byte by byte. Better interface for customizing shortcut keys. Editor Support the UTF-8 character set. Correctly update focus highlight in Variables tab when switching files.

edihor Show Popup when a New Version is Available. Full update engine including powerful 3-way merge algorithm and showing conflicts. Fixed error message for attempting incorrect operations on structs. Fixed bug with multi-line defines and dos-style linefeeds.

Fixed a problem accessing the characters of a non-local string when the string is passed to a function inside a template. Old Syntax Highlighters must be converted manually to the new format and there is not yet an automated tool to do the conversion.

Fixed bug with WMemSet function when the value to set was more than The following is a list of all new features in version 6. NET core compatible if it isn't already? Hint text for the tab now shows versoin size of the file. Exit the application using '-exit'. Speed improvements for scripts and templates. Addresses can be displayed as octal format or as a line number.

Fixed running a comparison can cause empty an Floating Tab Group to be displayed.

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