Al maktabah syamilah

The links are available on the page and the instructions are written. Its an arabic software so you should have given software which has arabic language as default. It is not practical to send the Maktaba through email. Maybe you can try changing the language and system locale from the Control Panel? For this reason, I believe that you may have a problem with your system language settings of your computer.

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They would actually endorse it outright. I want to export several books from shamila into independent.

المكتبة الشاملة – Maktabah Shamilah – Islamic Library

As for including books in pdf, doc, or rar format, that also is not possible. You can download the book in PDF format from this link: Anything related to incorrect RTL, another issue.

May Allah reward you for your intention, and may He show you the correct path to obtain correct knowledge and spread it for the syamliah of Allah. I use Nokia Windows Mobile Phone. Brother you can check out the website of the developers.

Again I would have a hard time believing that they would be worried about somebody converting the book into a.

So, after you download, extract the content of the zip archive to get the. It is weird that an error occurred during installation of the program.

Use a software like this: Please view this post to learn more about this: Please check this page to see the updated article on how to install the Shamila: Then restart your computer. I am using Windows 7 home Premium 32 bit.

I have a problem. Sending it by e-mail will not make the situation any better but rather worse.

Rather just install it as a Windows program ie on the Desktop like you would on any other version of Windows. The link is http: The prouct is verry nice or i will say it is the best software I have ever seen in my life.

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You have to add support for Arabic and Non-Unicode languages. If you have problems with the display of the text, see this link: When you download the update file, you have to put it in the directory where you have the main files and folders of your Shamila. Then unzip it using this software: As for the upgrade, here it is: Maybe it is an administrator issue?

Salam alaikum warahmatullah I did all the steps in to getting this software but the problem is when I go to library I dont see setup.

Their website says that they are working on it. Please open a bug report in bugzilla.

المكتبة الشاملة – Maktabah Shamilah

Brother, if you have installed any of the versions of the library, then you can download the latest update from this link as provided above also:. Just download it from Google Play.

As for the other books in the library that have mxktabah do more with general literature, history, or others, I really cannot speak on that. Brother see the bottom of this post: But you can use it online at this link: The only way to get the files is extracting the contents of the zip file that you downloaded, so I believe there is no other way.

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