Maxwell fistfull of tears

Add your thoughts 5 Comments. He's in a relationship with a woman who is constantly arguing with him even though all he wants is to be with her. Feels just like a weight has lifted How can I repay you? We gon' fight the war, we gon' fight our fears The only thing I wanna throw is a fistful of tears We gon' fight the war, we gon 'fight our fears The only thing I gotta throw is a fistful of tears We gon' fight the war, we gon' fight our fears The only thing I wanna throw is a fistful of tears Their problems in the relationship could be a number of things but most likely she's probably just a very negative person that accuses him of cheating or something. Lyrics submitted by Pryncess

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Last night, I felt like I just couldnt handle anything, and just got hysterical, crying so hard and deep.

I never thought of it from that prespective. Fistful of Tears song meanings.

Maxwell - Fistful of Tears Lyrics | SongMeanings

Fight of your life is not the cost Time will reveal All along you're the one who's losing He's basically saying that trying to argue and fight him to stay with her is not "worth" it the cost because in the end she's only pushing him further away and without realizing it, although she's winning the arguments she's not really winning because she's losing him.

General Comment uknowiluv I like how you gears the song!

General Comment I'll explain verse by verse. Once I was alone and checking channels, I ran across Maxwell singing this song. The rest of the story He can't show her anything to prove that what they have is worth it.

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You can make it disappear girl All you gotta do is just raise up, face up, stay up All things will heal, We'll feel it with a kiss from the skies Don't you let it go Don't you let it go He's saying she can make these problems they have go away if she just realize that they don't have a healthy relationship. Years ago, I turned off the "soul" in me, it made me too "relaxed and wavy" in my movements, and attracted the wrong people into my life, ones who just wanted to use me, not "enjoy me being me".

Why not add your own? He's afraid to be in love and he figures that fistfkll leaves because fitfull afraid. I sooooo love this song! Great lyrics teears actually make you think!

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So he's saying we can fight this war together, we don't have to be afraid to love each other. There was an tars. And also saying that he doesn't want to ever hurt her if anything the only thing he wants to do is throw is his tears get rid of them.

When she leaves, all he does is cry. Blew up at my adult sons, my bad. I go insane, crazy sometimes, Trying to keep you from losing your mind Open your eyes, See what's in front of your face Save me my fistful of tears Fisstfull, further explaining how she's pushing him away when he's only trying to be with her. General Comment so not sure.

Maxwell - 'A Fistful Of Tears'

Now that she's returned, he hopes that they will cling to each other as they fight to make their relationship last. We do not have any tags for Fistful of Tears lyrics.

Last few days, I have been in a real emotional slump. Help me understand, currency, a fistful of tears; I can afford.

Coming back to him is not a "fight of her life" because he truly loves her. Anyway, thanks Maxwell, you woke me up inside, and I am grateful for that. He's wants her to just try to fix things for the sake of their relationship. SongMeanings is a place tfars discussion and discovery.

All he knows is that when she pulls away, he loses it and can't control his emotions. No Replies Log fistful to reply. When I heard this song, that "totally responsive woman" woke up teaes me, and I realized how much I have missed by not believing that I could still fall in love again even after being alone for so many years.

She's hurting him so bad emotionally and she doesn't even realize it, so he's saying open your eyes and look at what you're doing to me. Maxwell — Fistful of Tears.

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