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Link removed as software has changed. There are some processing functions: Knudsen This was made for ocean-bottom sonar profiling. It sounds useful, unfortunately I only get a blank rectangle when I try to load anything. Does not display headers.

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All software listed on file.

It has few display options. What is a file extension? It does not show trace headers. Original downloads only All software listed on file. Can show spectra with logarithmic frequency scale. It includes gain functions, such as exponential and AGC. Amplitude scale too weak default is man-max. A comprehensive software solution whose main purpose is to provide a quick way to view and examine seismic data in formats such as SEG-Y and CST. If that were possible, it might be useful, as it can display gathers and stacks.

It is a demo version - only 2D and monochrome display. No longer available by download, you have to request it by e-mail. It can even display time slices, if you set it up properly. Files can be added to the visualization area using the dedicated commands, as drag and drop is not supported.

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It is possible to select a region and get a spectrum. I would expect most to be above 6. AGC, bandpass or notch filter. Can click on trace and see headers. I only managed to download the initial release, which was a day demo for Windows.

It sounds useful, unfortunately I only get a blank rectangle when I try to load anything. Geoscitech It is also known as Spectrum Result Viewer. August 7, at 3: The RC cycle is an particularly good time to provide feedback on ParaView features new and old.

SEG-Y viewer download, free SEG-Y viewer download.

It only displays one trace at a time. Geospline's website is no more, but it can be found via www. It is simple, quick to load traces, for 2D only, with good amplitude scaling. Can also correlate 2 traces or compute spectra.

Flei I found this in an oil industry blog years ago. Does not display text header correctly as 40 lines, instead get continuous jumble.

SEG-Y viewer download, free SEG-Y viewer on software download -

However magnified display parameters are difficult to adjust. It can give you a spectrum for a single trace.

Default amplitude scale reasonable. Also, you can view all the file header information the EBCDIC, binary, reel header ivewer all the trace headers There is also a fun little gimmick that let's you listen to your seismic!

Last edited by Admin on Thu Apr 07, 4: Kitware is hiring kitware. Annotation - 3 headers top and bottom Amplitude scaling automatic, can be adjusted. Since it is a Chinese language viewer, I viewet say much about it.

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