Rastajemo se mi

His political career was closely linked to his Romani activism and his own assimilation to Bosnian culture. Albanian folk musicians Greek folk musicians Turkish folk musicians. Since the s, Serbezovski has established himself as a writer and translator, having written several books and translated the Quran into Romani language.

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AJNUR SERBEZOVSKI - Lyrics, Playlists & Videos | Shazam

Music of Southeastern Europe the Balkans. Retrieved from " https: Muharem Serbezovski defines himself as one of the few Romani intellectuals. He started his career as a writer and translator in the s when he continued the work of his father, who had started to translate the Qur'an into Romani.

Several of Serbezovski's songs show such an influence, primarily Ramu, Ramu and Ramajanaboth released in They also show the ornamented style of singing and the Turkish influence which have characterised the singer through his career. He has released 12 rastaajemo and 22 singles and extended plays.

He never intended to become a professional politician but wanted to represent Roma people on the Bosnian political scene. Inhe said he considered that violence against women was normal and part of the Balkan tradition, and caused outrage among the public and the Bosnian NGO sector.

He is also a writer and translator and was briefly in Bosnian politics in the s. Although he has always been proud of his Romani origin, Muharem Serbezovski has released only few songs in Romani language. LejlaDiskoton, with the Crni Dijamanti ensemble. Serbezovski briefly involved himself in Bosnian politics in the s. On this occasion, he met the prime minister Indira Gandhi and posed with her son Rajiv Gandhi dressed in the same Indian costume to highlight rastajem resemblance between Indian and Roma peoples.

Views Read Edit View history. Disko OrijentJugoton, Balkan brass Bosnian root Ganga music Balkan ballad.

U haremuJugoton, Pesma prijateljuJugoton, His fictional works revolve on Romani identity and are for him a way to write about his own culture.

Rastajemo se mi, a song by Muharem Serbezovski on Spotify

Nonetheless, Muharem Serbezovski always tried to reach a wide audience and also explored various kinds of music, including Indian music. He also published an essay, Cigani i ljudska prava "Gypsies and human rights" in Known for his Romani activism, he served a term as a member of the Bosnian parliament in the s. Indian cinema in particular was very popular among Yugoslav Romas. However, he moved to the smaller city of Sarajevo in and has been living there ever since. He first followed Stevo and Esma to Belgradeat that time the capital city of Yugoslavia and its main cultural hub.

rastajemo se mi

During the Bosnian Warhe fully identified as a Bosnian rastjaemo sang many war songs. The first one makes reference to a character of the eponymous Indian filmthe latter refers to a Hindu epic poem, Ramayana.

Suzana, volim teJugoton, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He is responsible for the first Romani translation of the Qur'an and is himself an author, having penned several novels and poems.

Ajnur Serbezovski - Rastajemo se mi

Muharem Serbezovski emerged as a singer in the s, having released his first album at only He became one of the most popular Romani singers in Yugoslavia and reached a wide popularity in the s and s.

Cultural Politics and Balkan Music in Diaspora.

Most of his work is sung in Serbo-Croatian. Muharem Serbezovski was born on May 2, in Topaana, the oldest Romani settlement of Skopjeat that time capital of the People's Republic of Macedonia. For him, his work gives a much more authentic insight on Roma people than novels from non-Romani writers, who usually use Romani characters only to set up an atmosphere.

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