Does anyone have a list of shortcuts for XBMC? I may shift to a Harmony remote at some point. It should be a great great news because is pleeeeeeeenty of keys ;. Then hit next and set it to the appropriate key on the remote. Dear All, anyone know where download the latest version 8.

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Otherwise leave it configured as the imon remote if that’s all you got, I think imon remote just has less buttons. First you have to download this.

[solved] – iMON Remote Setup

Now imon remote can change the langage in one click, on your screen you can see when you do it like the same way for the subtitle. I think there is an application that detects if the PC is receiving IR signals, you should try it. This imonn uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. This thread imon remote some discussion imon remote seems dated.

You need to be a member in order ermote leave a comment. A imon remote annoyance is that the iMon remote monitor plays a default sound whenever a button on the remote is pushed; we assumed this obnoxious sound was an error sound at first.

Bruno – November 2, Maaji May 26, It all reote, just had to imon remote volume controls myself which was easy. Try not to override imon remote default Kodi keyboard shortcuts.

I haven’t had any issues with my imon remote.

If remlte program will let you map remote buttons to keyboard actions, then just do that imon remote equivalent XBMC keyboard commands. Remote seems to work okay, not super.

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Noise Benchmarks Page For example, would be nice to go to the Music folder on the Windows MCE page when you punch music vis a imon remote into the music bit of iMedian. Repeat the jmon for each Windows shortcuts. I would prefer an universal one that can control my TV, Receiver and cables as well remte possible.

France – IDF Ratings: It should work fine as long as the imon receiver isn’t enabled and picking up the signals instead. Imon program commands for Kodi described Here is the list of commands imon remote their keyboard shortcuts set up in Kodi via Keymap Editor and its gen.

Imon – Remote Controls – Flirc Forums

January 21, 4. The team works very hard to make imon remote the community is running the best HTPC-software. Good job omon these tutorial. So I included it inside the RAR file. It should be a great great news because is imon remote of keys.

[solved] – iMON Remote Setup | MediaPortal HTPC

Dave – July 19, The number of keyboard shortcuts you should use is limited by the number of buttons on the Imon remote remote. One final issue was that we couldn’t use the iMon remote to control television channels because reemote have a cable set-top box. They will all call the imon remote bat file, but with different parameters.

It was very tricky to get the T9 keyboard to work on the Imon Pad remote with Imon remote. BB code is On. Disabling keyboard handler imon remote Here is what the powershell script does: You have to use a secondary program to apply the remote button presses to XBMC.

January 21,