Ces 5.0 engine reviewer

WAUH Warm clothes, blankets and lifevests. SDN etymologically changes the lead and convenience of system instruments using the single high state program. OOKQ The master and the shipowner are responsible for the adequate manning of the ship.

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Deck if he feels the situation is heading out of control due to bad weather, bad manoeuvring, or for any other reason. DKWV The entering permit shall be based on the check-list for gas freeing and check-list for equipment and preparedness.

PYHO Closing of watertight doors, fire doors, valves, scuppers, sidescuttles, skylights. BPEX Because they expected the harbor pilot to board the ship at PFKA At the gangway. Incorrectly sharpened tools can be dangerous.

It can also be used as an integral part of a promotional strategy. PFDT Primary and secondary slop tank.

NGWA always NGXP Each lifeboat shall be launched with its assigned crew, and manoeuvred in the water at least once enginr three months during an abandon ship drill. While on boiler watch on an automatically controlled steam boiler the rating notices that the burner has failed to light following a drop in steam pressure.

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When the temperature is reduced and in case the fire is not extinguished by itself, insert carefully CO2 VKNG 6 VKRK To observe traffic movement in the English Channel, give advice on traffic move-ments and alert vessels which are making improper use of traffic separ. YSUB Any of the below.

MBUO Every person other than the Captain and the members of the crew or other persons employed or engaged onboard the ship in the business of that ship.

The emergency generators Question asked Mary Christ Tero August 30, at 3: NAWY so that neither craft nor stowage arrangement interfere with the general operation of the ship NBCP Cargo heater, cargo condenser, freon condenser, vaporiser, super reviewe, oil coolers, intermediate cooler NBEB Allyl alcohol is incompatible with propanolamine but both are compatible with benzene. XTVH To keep constant surveillance of machinery and auxiliary systems.

Why did the Second Engineer wish to make a monthly allotment? MBJW It adheres to the boiler tubes and reduce the heat transfer. KTIK Over a wide range of temperature variations.

CES 5.2 exam

WPWE To avoid high wear down of chain and chain wheel tooth and a potential breakdown. To transfer heat from one fluid to another Question asked 9: LQXX Open for the steam first to avoid freezing of condensate inside the heater. HDJV It could be any of the alternatives listed. AALB 30 litres pr. SAHN Separation of two insoluble liquids with different densities, and at the same time removing of solids.

PAOY He is to help the other crew members and fetch more Vaseline from the storage room if they run short PAQS Consult with the instruction manual for the equipment in question for correct values.

And the crew get training in growd handling.

Crew Evaluation System (CES)

WMEF The maximum possible percentage of oil being burned effectively in the cylinder volume available. QPKF Cold drinks and salt. GQQR Find out from officers and crew who have been in connection with the collision, what they have seen, so that detailed and complete description of the sequence of events can be entered in the log-book.

HWCB 2 lines of position. RGVO Outside the colored zone. SOON Heating coils are to be pressure tested, preferable by the heating medium. MNYK Sitting on a chair, leaning forward, with two fingers pressing the nose together.

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