Kotzreiz punk bleibt punk

Darm Im Arsch Von Verkauften Idealen Leben In Der Hand Some of the songs are previously unreleased or very rare.

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Punk Bleibt Punk

Kopf Oder Zahl CD plus download playtime: Im Namen Des Herrn Tons of great tracks that should not be missed at any good party! Massaker Von Celle Scheisse Im Schafspelz Dont miss the german punk album of the year!

Im Osten Nichts Neues Fairtrade, Fairkauft, Fairarscht Do You Love Rockn Upnk. This album is one of the best new ,Deutschpunk" records these days!

Some of the songs pumk previously unreleased or very rare. Wand Aus Papier Keine Liebe Fuer Dein Scheissland This combination is a perfect match without falling into worn-out Crossover schemes.

Punk Bleibt Punk (Kotzreiz) - GetSongBPM

This compilation also contains a download code for 10 more songs! Some of the songs are previously unreleased, very rare or brand new. The debut album comes as a ltd. Scheisse Auf Repeat Nicht Mein Zuhaus Schafe Im Wolfspelz Now they are back and present 16 brand new songs on their 9th full length album.

Brutal, brachial and fast punk-hardcore-metal paired with no-compromise critical german and kogzreiz lyrics. Von Verkauften Idealen Zwischen Wuestensand Und Stacheldraht They still play rough and fast German hardcore-punk just like in the early eighties.

Arthurs Bekenntnis und Das Unsere German and English lyrics.

Features their " Die netten Jahre sind vorbei" album as bonus. Punk Punj Punk Mitte Der Gesellschaft Maden Im Speck Schiff Voller Narren punnk Heimat Zu Asche feat. Mach Diyn Eigenes Ding Founded 18 years ago in Celle, Germany, after several concerts and six longplayers the band has gained a firm place in the German punk rock scene - and the fan community continues to grow from year to year.

Three and a half years after their last album "Viva Versus", "Attaque" is finally the seventh and certainly the best and most mature studio album in the starting blocks.

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