Please see also Close Air Support Mission. And to make the most out of YSFlight, Register on our forum! You can configure the network options so that it resets every 6 hours, and stops the server after resetting nine times.

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Why are they within just 20 to 30 km of the airbase? By default all connections are made though port: I just experimentally implemented this feature.

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I recommend to save your raw flight record before editing for backup. One reduces the time precision, and the other reduces the space precision. It runs in a acceptable speed even in a relatively slow platforms. Ywflight, you'll have to turn off some features or lower the resolution to run this program on relatively slower PCs.

YSFLIGHT - The only free flight simulator where anything is possible.

I don't recommend you to turn off this box. YSFlight is the only free flight simulator where anything is possible. Rudder Auto Coordination If this box is on, computer automatically control the rudder to eliminate sideslip of the airplane. Accept Connection Only from the Same Version If this check box is on, the server accepts connections only from the same version. If you click "Change Airplane", you can re-choose your airplane.

You cannot lock on an airplane which has same IFF code thus, your missile will ysflkght be guided toward the airplane with same IFF code.

Ysfligh LOC line indicates the relative deviation of the horizontal path with respect to the current position of the airplane. Solid smoke is most similar to actual smoke.

YSFlight Headquarters

Further, virtual airlines, or VAs, have been set up within the online world of YSFlight to simulate not just commercial flight, but to simulate the operation of an entire airline, including a corporate structure, pilot training and scheduling. Let's say your airplane heading is equal to the direction that bearing is showing. You can change the start position by [S] key after you start a server. Precise Simulation If this box is on, the program computes dynamics at least every 50ms.

A branch of flying distinct from combat or aerobatic flight, civilian flights attempt to simulate real-world flight. If N times is chosen for this option, and Yysflight Server Every X Hours is set, the server will terminate automatically after ysflihgt N times. It is called "turn coordination". If you are not sure which executables to use, please try both and use whichever you feel comfortable. Disable Radar Gun Sight If this check box is on, radar gun sight or lead gun sight is disabled in all the client regardless the configuration of the client.

This option controls if "Can Land Anywhere" option in the network mode is same as server, enabled, disabled, or do not control up to the client.

If the line is right of the center of the HUD, you have to turn right. West" battles in modern or cold war era aircraft, or show off your skills doing aerobatics for your friends.

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For example, if you type "F" and "EAGLE" separated by a space, only airplanes whose name includes the both key words will be shown.

Introduction This program is a flight simulator. Close Air Support Mission In a close air support mission, you need to destroy enemy tanks attacking your base. FLR Flare to fool anti-air missiles. Take off in P Mustang and intercept the bomber formation.

Your opponent is not unfair. A Concorde takes off the runway. So, you have to land exactly on the centerline of the runway. Reduce Peep Hole Made by Transparent Polygons OpenGL only Transparent polygons sometimes makes peep holes in which you'll see something that is supposed to be hidden by another object.

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