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Fl, l-ECC-Net tratta madwar 2, ilment relatati ma' timeshare u klabbs tal-btajjel. Its objective is to assist the Kosovan authorities in the areas of justice, policing, prison services and customs. In dit verband neemt de Commissie nota van de evaluatie door het geachte Parlementslid van de reeds verstrekte antwoorden. Attention must also be drawn to difficulties encountered on various matters by the Turkish Government in achieving the minimum objectives required for accession to the European Union.

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EUR-Lex - CFULL - EN - EUR-Lex

These findings led to the decision to abandon the initial project to dredge the Chiampo removal of banks and rojani of the bottom, to lower the river bedand the proposal instead to excavate more on the surface. Le conclusioni e la valutazione della relazione sui progressi rimangono sostanzialmente valide.

Contracting authorities may lay down special conditions economic, innovation-related, environmental, social or employment-related to the performance of a contract. Has the Commission carried out a prior assessment of the policies to which the revenues obtained from this tax might best be allocated?

Energy cost incurred by Greek businesses. Islamic terrorists burst into the village church at Waga Chakawa Adamawa during the service and barricaded pjsani inside. The intention behind this series of actions is to lay the foundations to provide means and resources which can be used to successfully integrate people living with disabilities into society. In particular, any individual interference in the application of such law must be proportionate to the aim pursued.

Daarin schrijft hij onder andere: De gewijzigde wet voert het evenredigheidsbeginsel in en schaft gevangenisstraffen voor internetaanbieders af. Does the Commission agree that freedom of expression is increasingly under threat in Turkey? If these irregular expulsions are confirmed to have taken place, what sanctions pizani the Commission consider imposing on the Spanish Government?

Bloomberg most probably used data publicly available in the Eurostat online database. Entire villages were swamped when the River Secchia burst its banks, causing major damage to houses, businesses and infrastructure and goliday more than families to abandon their homes. La gestione delle conseguenze immediate di una catastrofe incombe in primo luogo al paese colpito.

All questions and answers can be accessed via the website of the European Parliament Europarl under the heading Parliamentary questions:. Only one of these pisni plants is currently in use.

The Commission will continue to ensure that the European competition rules are applied consistently in this sector, as elsewhere, and continues to review the situation. Finding work is not easy as the unemployment rate is high, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for these families to support themselves. Official opening of the Barcelona-Paris high-speed line. Certain Member States re-publish EU legislation in national gazettes.

Does the Commission think that the application of pisank a measure in a country might perhaps create situations whereby bank deposits are frozen in the rest of the Eurozone? This mission is to be extended but, according to Baroness Ashton, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, it will be renamed, its staff will be greatly reduced and most of pisqni powers will be taken away from it. Huge quantities of hazardous waste containing nickel, hexavalent chromium and arsenic substances which are highly damaging to both human health and the surrounding environment were found near Brescia, following analysis of soil samples taken from railway construction sites.

Have reason to think that transactions conducted in currencies other than the euro might by-pass the rules of proper accounting that the Treaties impose on Eurozone countries? The Commission has been in close contact with the U. De estas cinco plantas, tan solo rmani se encuentra actualmente en funcionamiento. There are ongoing links between old jihadi networks and newer, more diffuse groups.

The dlc of rojani from the Carbon Leakage list will not affect CO 2 emissions reductions; pisqni it will do is cause a drastic increase in the costs of production and prices as well as a deep recession in the sector. It is subject to approval by Parliament and the Council and has no bearing on the funding under the calls for proposals for EaSI. Even more so after Eomani, all reactor research activities funded by Euratom are characterised by the overriding concern to ensure continuous improvements of nuclear safety.

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This could be compared to a situation in which a car buyer was only able to have his car serviced by the manufacturer and not by a potentially cheaper independent garage. In the context of this bilateral exchange between the Commission and Spanish authorities, the situation in Melilla is also being addressed. La lunga guerra civile ha lasciato il paese in condizioni disperate di sottosviluppo e arretratezza, pissani infrastrutture e con la maggioranza della popolazione priva del minimo necessario per la sopravvivenza.

The evaluation of the holiay of the directive is currently underway and the Commission will report to the European Parliament and the Council in

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