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When computing logs I usually just prefix the old variable name with log or l , but compound names can easily become cryptic and hard-to-read. The capture keyword tells Stata to run the command that follows and ignore any errors. The solution is to close any open logs using the log close command.

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The capture keyword tells Stata to run the command that follows and ignore any errors. Introduction Data Management Graphics Programming. This technique can be used to fill-in missing values.

Stata (Intercooled) — University of Leicester

The dataset can be viewed or edited in spreadsheet format. Note the use of inetrcooled double equal sign in a logical expression. Stata then shows the results in the larger window immediately above, called appropriately enough Results. There is a third type of comment used to break very long lines, as explained in the next subsection.

We list a few other functions you can use in Section 2.

Users must pay a fee if they wish to upgrade to the latest major release. There are versions of Stata for bit and bit computers; the latter can handle more memory and hence more observations and tend to be faster. To display a scatter plot of y against x restricted to values of x below Its slogan is "Shaping Data Meaningfully". We see that we have indeed five missing values. I happen to like the Compact Window Layout.

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In this tutorial I start with a quick introduction and overview and then discuss data management, statistical graphs, and Stata programming. This example illustrates a powerful feature of Stata: While it is fun to type commands interactively and intercoolex the results straightaway, serious work requires that you save your results and keep track of the commands that you have used, so that you can document your work and reproduce it later if needed.

To learn more about the help system type help help. Stata reads and saves data from the working directory, usually C: See help clear for more information.

The dataset intercoolef notes that you can see by typing notes. A common task is to superimpose a regression line on a scatter plot to inspect the quality of the fit. Restrictions There are two versions available: Some statistical subjects that may be important to you are described in sixteen separate manuals; here is a list, with italics indicating those new with Stata Stata commands are case-sensitive, display is not the same as Display and the latter will not work.

If you have a bit workstation change the program name to stataSE Usually, however, all you need to do is clear the data. Dates of all releases are available on the Stata website.

Save the file using extension. This tutorial focuses on the Windows version, but most of the contents applies to the other platforms as well.

The solution is to close any open logs using the log close command.

Stata (Intercooled)

Each help file appears in a separate viewer tab a separate window before Stata 12 unless you use the optionnonew. Every version of Stata can read all older dataset formats, and can write both the current and most recent intercpoled dataset format, using the saveold command. To return to using c arriage r eturn as the delimiter use. Shift-Arrows select a character at a time and Shift-Ctrl-Arrows select a word at a time, which you can then delete or replace. The clear statement deletes the data currently held in memory and any value labels you might have.

Stata can work as a calculator using the d isplay command.

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