Transformational reconstruction by shingo sato

Comment by Els — December 9, 9: Flowing Shapes Tone Vigeland: Let me know if it's yours and I'll take it down.

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Time to take an easier route for once?

I am totally in love with the idea of this rug! They're simple, easy-to-make and you can have many variations of them. I am curious what school does yoshi teach at so that I can inquire.

Shingo Sato: Transformational Reconstruction

Digital Needlepoint James Merry: The Lost Art of Rug Hooking. You can view how this is done here. I think too many people overfit.

You can view how this is done here I also made a dress and a top inspired by his TR design process and will post about that within a few days. Reconstruct dato pattern pieces into a new, completely different bodice.

Or, I guess if you want to be working on it for years - whatever. Shingo Sato and the Art of Transformational Reconstruction.

Shingo starts with a muslin bodice on a form. I'm a pretty big fan of tent dresses or trapeze dresses - call it what you want.

This is like watching a true master at work. Comment by Els — December 9, 9: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Thanks Els for this inspiring post!

Shingo Sato: Transformational Reconstruction | Risekult

Pattern Collection Let's Party! This is an incredible skill to add to your sewing repertoire, and will instantly boost your design credibility! Damian Delaporte on Shingo Sato Designer part thre…. I don't know why, but I am clearly nuts.

Transformational reconstruction shingo sato

The basic pattern which is sewn shkngo unbleached cotton will become a new pattern after the design lines are added on a dressform. You wrote it nice indeed! Login with Facebook Close.

This is a photo of it today: What I transgormational there is perhaps a "light" version of Sato's where the darts and shaping are hidden in the seam lines. RSS feed for comments on this post. At right is such an example; an origami bodice. Pattern Collection Oh So Beautiful: Get the discounted recontsruction bundle Let me know if it's yours and I'll take it down.

Other than the too-much pinning, they are accurate. See how to make Photo by Jane Chu.

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