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Bebek sung third on all three concerts. The Buttons, original also when it comes to costumes, on their five inch heels, with earrings and trinkets, colored their 'lyrics' with 'traditional ghenes'. On their latest LP record there is a posterior with fingers pressed into it.

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At the beginning ofthe band went on a tour which should have lasted until April 1. The band's history begins in By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Zbog ove pjesme Bebek je napustio Bijelo dugme: 'To je bila klica razdora'

The song "Kosovska" " Kosovo Song" featured Albanian language lyrics. Hard rock Folk rock Progressive rock.

Bijelo Dugme is widely considered to have been the most popular band ever to exist in the former Socialist Prsme Republic of Yugoslavia and one of the most important acts of the Yugoslav rock scene. If they are, they are mental coevals of ten-year-olds. The album opens with a cover of the Yugoslav anthem 'Hej, Sloveni', a decision that's a typical example of Titoist pseudo-dissidence.

YU Grupa used to incorporate folk motifsand now the Bijelo Dugme guys are doing it, seemingly much better and much closer to the dugme-sbe taste. The band had their first bigger performance at the BOOM Festival in Ljubljanawhere they were announced as "the new hopes". The band wanted to organize some sort of spectacle to help their decreased popularity.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The band held only three concerts: They held nine successful concerts across Poland.

He said she had told him that she was the one from the album cover, and that he only wanted to make sure if I really knew her. It represents the greatest artistic independence reached by the Yugoslav culture when it comes to dugem-sve music.

The band went on a Yugoslav tour, but experienced problems during it. During Bebek's short leave from the army, the band recorded four more songs: The album is also notable for featuring the band's former member Laza Ristovskiwho, after the album was released, became an official member of the band once again.

In Februarybiielo band released the album Uspavanka za Radmilu M. Bebek sung third on all three concerts. Bijelo Dugme was a compound of Yugoslav reality with an image that had been created to show what things are supposed to be like, but without excessive illusions.

Bijelo Dugme (album) - Wikipedia

Akademik Studio, Ljubljana September The oldest visitors of their concerts, which, like an epidemics, ravened during two months through all Yugoslav cities with more than 30, people, are not older than This page was last edited on 14 Novemberat The band's fourth studio album was recorded in Belgrade and produced by Neil Harrison.

Few weeks later, a write-up about the album in Tina used the term "pastirski rok" shepherd rock. Views Read Edit View history. Pljuni i zapjevaj moja Jugoslavijo The band's debut album Kad bi bio bijelo dugmereleased inbrought them nationwide popularity with its Balkan folk -influenced hard rock sound.

Bijelo Dugme

The book YU Rock Express in Serbian. The Buttons, original also when it comes to costumes, on their five inch heels, with earrings and trinkets, colored their 'lyrics' with 'traditional ghenes'. They defined rock culture and defined teenagers as an organised category. Bijelo Dugme is a peak of a wave of youth subculture.

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