Supports modifying data and saving changes to server. A demonstration of many TreeGrid features like tree, sorting, grouping, filtering, searching, calculations, resizing and moving columns, row dragging, adding, deleting, copying, selecting, fixed rows and columns, many cell types, formatting values, popup default list, calendar, printing, export to PDF, export to MS Excel. TreeGrid component has been extended by Gantt chart. It must be compiled to GridE. Updated print option fit to one page.

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See the license text for restrictions and permissions. The xlsx can be opened with no warning message.

Support email is support coqsoft. Upgrades to next major version e. Development services Software development services provided by COQsoft developers team Support development Full development Prices and set up. For larger work for more than 40 hours we will require you to pay first half on start and the second half after finish.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Requested new features can be added only into the last version and will be released in some next version.

TreeGrid licensing and COQsoft services | TreeGrid

TreeGrid Gantt chart is an application core for building online web based project management software like MS Project or Oracle Primavera. News in version Buy Try it free. Also describe the procedure to invoke the bug and provide information about browser type, version and mode in that the bug is seen. Updated print option fit to one page.

Editable JavaScript TreeGrid

Technical support The technical support for the TreeGrid is by email and is for all licenses the same. The source code is completely structured and commented in English language. TreeGrid component has been extended by Gantt chart. After that time, you need to upgrade to the new major version, if you need guaranteed support.

I am looking for a good datagrid framework in Javascript to implement custom sorting, filtering, grouping and Excel pivot table like functionality. It usually takes from few hours to few days depending on the example complexity.

We can extend TreeGrid component itself by desired function or technique.

This full component with Extended API is included also in trial package. Worldwide Insight formerly Software spectrum www. Added other minor features and corrected many bugs since Up to eight developers can work with the TreeGrid and only two of these developers can use our technical support.

To start the work we will require your e-mail confirmation and usually some payment. You can add, delete, move and select rows and cells according to events fired elsewhere on the page.

This license is for independent developers or single developer companies.

News in version Buy Try it free. And you will decide to go on or discard the request without any charge.

TreeGrid SpreadSheet

Customers purchasing maintenance are prioritized in technical support. It is possible to coqsoftt only to the newest available major version. This component can be used to create any grid, sheet or Gantt chart.

Added support for touch screens on desktops coqsofr updated behavior on Android. Every purchased license contains certain amount of developers that will receive our technical support. COQsoft provides email support only, you can contact us on these addresses: Resellers You can also purchase TreeGrid from software voqsoft. The TreeGrid seems to offer lot of these features, but not sure how easy it is to maintain the code.

Universal component Can show any type and size of data.

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