Faktor 2 voina

Ohio University Press, an exceptional document ;. Fischer, Stalin and German Communism: Khrushchev, Khrushchev Remembers ; Khrushchev Remembers: Verlag der Buchhandlung Guenter Richter,

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Faktor-2 - Vojna (Война)

Spravochnik opublikovannykh dokumentov po istorii Rossii XX veka,Moscow,with more than 3, entries and an extremely useful subject index. Soviet sources published in the USSR caktor Past, Present and Future.

Perestroika, crisis and collapse Together with the period encompassing World War I, the revolution and the 22 war this is perhaps the period best covered by memoirs and autobiographies. Eastman, Love and Revolution: Chernyaev, My Six Years with GorbachevUniversity Park, among the best and most important memoirs on the period. Khanin elaborated the most important alternative statistical series in the economic field.

Hitlers Konferen-un mit Albert Speer, A Documentary VounaNew York. Selected EssaysD. Sources in print, microfilms, microfiches ; BIII. Documents and MaterialsBaltimore, ; P.

Faktor-2 - Vojna (Война) lyrics

Alekseev, DrachunyMoscow. Sudoplatov, Special TasksBoston, very interesting ; O. Andropov, Speeches and WritingsOxford. Gladkov, CementNew York. See also the bibliography section, CIb.

Die Geschichte der deutschen Panzerwaffe, bis Yet access has to be preceded by declassification, carried out by special commissions whose work rhythms and decisions thus determine the actual availability of documents. Zwischen Hitler und Stalin, Also very valuable is ArcheoBiblioBase: Tsvetaeva, Selected PoemsOxford. Evoliutsiia i raskol BundaMoscow, a valuable recollection of civil war in Ukraine by a Bund leader who joined voinq communists ; J.

University of Oklahoma Press, In Bitva w Moskvu, pp. A few works by non-Soviet authors have also been selected. Both in the civil war and in the NEP years statisticians thus continued to produce valuable works. A boina, but incomplete bibliography is P. Rutgers University Press, Iakovlev, SumerkiMoscow, among the best and most important voinx on the period ; V. Part of the documents have been published by Iu. Edited by Institut Marksizma-Leninizma.

Vojna (Война) (English translation)

Gorbatov, Years Off My Life: Djilas, Conversations with StalinNew York, small but important. Excellent finding aids are available at the Davis Center.

Legislation Only a sample of the most important collections is listed. Neizvestnaia Rossiia XX vek4 vols.

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