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I really love the "Night of the Wolf song. I am a normal average generally preppy girl, but i have to say As a lone traveler trekking across the eerie landscape of the Carpathian Mountains, one might wonder as to the sounds that might accompany this ethereal panorama. Transylvania is yet another stone in the musical tower of Nox Arcana. Nox Arcana's take on the subject in Transylvania stays truthful and infuses the atmosphere with the perfect backing to any Victorian gothic horror.

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You can even hear the distant voic especially in the last track "Lair of the Vampire.

Nox Arcana – Transylvania ()

The Victorian midnight tales and adventures full of blood, dark romanticism transylvahia wrapped in gothic aura await! Buy their music instantly, listen to it at night with headphones, but beware Nox Arcana is renowned for creating haunting, gothic-themed soundscapes with classic horror references, strong literary influences, original and captivating storylines, and hidden riddles and elaborate puzzles.

Powerful from the start, strings, vocals, and timpani build to create a chilling urgency. Sinister sounds echo from the crypt as vampires beckon you further into their lair.

Nox Arcana took their subject matter very seriously when composing the music for Transylvania. Nox Arcana are known to take their subject matter seriously and apply a level of professionalism that is unmatched since Bram Stoker created his neverending tale over a century ago One piece that adds to the ambience of this release is the CD booklet, which includes some of Joseph Vargo's amazing artwork alongside the lyrics for some of the narrated portions of the album.

On the second installment of a planned trilogy, Hammock begin to move from darkness into the light. I cannot believe the sheer beauty that Nox Arcana's music brings, so dark and forbidding, it claws at your soul. Domm, gloom and dark despair music that should be heard everywhere. Transylvania Kitley's Krypt Nox Arcana are setting the bar higher and higher with each release. As much as we enjoyed being lead into the dark crypts of Lovecraft's world with Necronomicon, with Transylvania, they take us on a wonderfully dark journey through the land of the Carpathian Mountains, filled with bats, howling winds and wolves.

This album is amazing and filled with so much complex and dark emotion it is an album that will shake you to the with its haunting lyrics and dark strange melodies. This is great stuff, especially if you have to chop up a body or two and bag the pieces and need something relaxing to listen to.


In my opinion the best song on the album is probably Gossamer Mist, this is due to how haunting tramsylvania strange the vocals overlayed with the background piano makes for an incre creepy atmosphere.

The True Story of Dracula Dracula: Nox Arcana's music travels through the inner reaches of your spirit, and to the depths of your soul. For the first time I can truly say I cannot wait to see what they come up with next. Or browse results titled:.

Wailing spirits lend their ghostly voices to several tracks while gothic choirs soar to unearthly crescendos. Brides To Darkness I hope to get Carnival of Lost Souls. Nox Arcana continues to deliver great music for those Halloween nights, or any dark and gloomy evenings, when you want to add a little bit more atmosphere to your night.

Trajsylvania is pure horror or rather horror as it SHOULD be, trsnsylvania mysterious creatures howl in the night and castles swallow you whole—unfortunate mainstream of psychopaths with chainsaws. I really love the "Night of the Wolf song. It has the spooky feeling that you would want to hear when dealing with monsters. Resurrection Dracula 2: Echoes From The Crypt Brides To Darkness I especially enjoyed Brides to Darkness and Gypsy Caravan.

Purchasable with gift card. Transylvania 5 Perfect album for my mini movie!

Nox Arcana are setting the bar higher and higher with each release.

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