Rahu kavacham

Let my thigh be protected by Jadyaha. Sainikeyam karalasyam lokanam bhayapradam II 1 II. Let my breast be protected by Surpoojita.

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Swar bhaanur jaanuni paatu janghe me paatu janghyaha II 5 II.

Sarvaani angaani me paatu nilash chandan bhushanaha II 6 II. Ranu sada rahum shoorpakaram kiritinam I. Let my tong be protected by son of lioness.

Brahma Vidya the way to matured life. I always salute Rahu, who holds a winnow, who has a crown, Who is like a lion and is terrible looking, And who grants protection to people.

Rahu Kavacham - supriyamalik.xyz

Thus here completes the Rahu Kavacham. The piece without head is Kethu. Anushtup chandha ram bijam namaha shaktihi II. Let the smoke colured one protect my nose, And let he who holds the spear protect my face, Let the son of Simhika protect my toungue, And let my neck be protected by he gahu perceives by smell.

Rahu Kavacham is in Sanskrit.

Rahu Kavacham

It is from Shri Mahabaharat. Naasikaam me dhoomrvarnaha shoolapaanirmukham mam I. The piece which had head is Rahu. Let my ears be protected by ArdhaSharirvan he, who has only body and no head. Thus ends the armour of Rahu occurring in the middle of discussion between Drutharashtra and Jayantha which occurs in the chapter on Drona of the Mahabharatha epic.

Rahor idam kavachmrudhidavastudam yo I.

Rahu is an asura unlike other planets and son of sage Kasyapa and an ogre called Simihika. Rahu, who is Blue and Sandal pest, is applied on his body. Let my kukshi be protected by vidhuntuda.

Let my thigh be protected by Jadyaha. Rahu is supposed to be unfavorable when it is badly placed in the horoscope or Rahu is found with Mangal Mars who is number one enemy of Rahu. Retrieved from " http: Both pieces continued to live and circle the earth in an anti clock wise manner. Gulfou grahapatihi paatu paadou me bhishana krutihi I.

Mantra Science: Rahu Kavacham

Praapnoti kavadham atulaam shrimruddhimaayu. Swaha kilakam rahu prithyartham jape viniyogaha III. It has arisen from the discussion in between Dhrutarashtra and Sanjay.

Let my throat be protected by KaThinaaghrika. Rahu is destroyer of the Kwvacham hence he is called as vidhuntuda. Let the lord of serpents protect my arm, Let my hands be protected by he who wears blue garlands, Let the minister protect my breast, And let the wise one protect my belly.

I am sure that I will be successful in my endeavor with your good wishes. People always bow to him hence Rahu is called as Lokavandita. I am trying to take all my efforts to make this blog as per your requirements.

He, who has worn blue color garlands ranu blue clothes, Let my breast be protected by Mantri.

Bhujamgesho bhujou paatu nilamaalyaambarha karou I.

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