She wants metronomy

Just like a lot of books are about fucked up things, and a lot of movies, and so on. God knows, hopefully on album Number 10 and living in a mansion, maybe with a few children, a clothing line, a trophy wife, a few sports cars, new teeth etc. She Wants previous play pause next. Login with Google Error:

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He tiptoes into bed, trying not to wake her. She sleeps her soul So soft and trim Arranging papers Around the meteonomy And if she's dreaming deep tonight I lie with her by reading light A glass of water by her side I'm gone in hopes mftronomy getting tired I call her shots 'Til you wake up Count every second On every clock It's getting late Yeah that I know The hours come The hours go Then twitching lips And twitching arms And there you're lying Your make up on them Oh, girl if you're dreaming deep tonight I'll lie with you by reading light A glass of water by your side I'm gone in hopes of getting tired I call her shots 'Til you wake up Count every second On every clock It's getting late Yeah that I know The hours come The hours come The hours come The hours come The hours come The hours come The hours come The hours come The hours come The hours come Edit Lyrics Edit Wiki Add Video.

She is really drunk and he's down but she just over did it, and he knows it would be wrong, and he's not down for date rape. We do not have any tags for She wants lyrics. There's an air of urgency and stress "count every second on every clock". What is Metronomy doing now that no one else is? She's not sleeping - she's "dreaming" - she's out of it.

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Metronomy: She Wants

I am asked this question a lot, I have many favourites, but right now I'm digging the Lyke Li one I did. Can you describe the new album in a sentence? And that could be it.

Reading the verse from those lyrics, it sounds like a fairly straightforward song. Metronomy — She wants. My Interpretation It's titled she wants because the "she" is a little ho or maybe his girlfriend hes annoyed with and in this song she is trying to seduce the singer.

Seh Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. She isn't sleeping peacfully in bed, she's twitching and jerking, a fitful sleep.

Dazed present the first single from the album, 'She Wants' before its release on January 31st. Think about the line "I'll call the shots, till you wake up. Flag marylalala on August 21, What's the story behind 'She Wants'?

Metronomy - She Wants by Because Music | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Log in now to tell us what you think this song means. Login with Google Error: So he's asserting his authority by rejecting her advances and taking care of her drunk ass, and letting her sleep in his bed, but he's staying up 'by reading light' as in he's not touching her at all, but he has left her water and is just waiting for her to wake up so she can either leave or they can do it fo realize.

Login with Facebook Error: SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. It's probably the most satisfying one to listen to and I wish it was my song.

Protoboat nailed them in their comment, though. In which case I would struggle to say much without coming across a bit showoffy.

Log in to add a tag. But can't fall asleep and so lays next to her with a reading light on, watching the clock. Metronomy started with a teenage Joseph Mount making music on a battered old computer in his bedroom, but the need to perform live shows led to the addition of members Oscar Cash, Anna Prior and Gbenga Adelekan and hence now Metronomy are a fully-functioning live band who make instrumental electronic pop.

It's about being up late worrying about things whilst your other half is sleeping soundly and probably having wonderful dreams. You are known for your banging remixes, which is your favourite and why?

It sounds more like he's taking care of her than joining her in bed.

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