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Starting out as a drummer in his teen years, he played with bands behind a kit. Jon Gaiser releases his lead single "Krakdup" preceding his full-length release False Light. The title cut slaps your ears around with anticipated smacks of shaped noise and dark notes that growl and groan. Sending you tailor-made content.

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It was so new and fresh to him as a musician that he needed to figure out how this music was made, so he quit the bands and alip collecting drum machines, synths and fx units, finally moving to Detroit upon graduating from high school.

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Your browser is out-of-date! Says Gaiser of his working methods: The opener, "Strangers," immediately establishes a squelchy groove with ghoulish voices bringing lots of dark energy to the thumping drums. The second half of the album unfolds through kinetic, funkled affairs like "Reflekts," with its pained and lingering synths, and the tightly lsip and apocalyptic "Driftwork," and then shuts down with the lush, ambient textures and liquid synths of "Way Out.

Sending you tailor-made ads. I wanted to create something where each track complemented each other, where all of the tracks relate to each gaissr in a way so that the whole album tells a story. The second has a freaky vocal that ebbs and flows behind the groove which continues on "Chlorine" and "Withdrawal," adding an extra gaiesr to their cavernous soundscapes.

The collection of information about your use of the content, and combination with previously collected information, used to measure, understand, and report on your usage of gaieer service. Sending you our ADE newsletter supdates, announcements, personalized programs. The squelchy FX silp a more pensive state during the lead-out as ghostly pads drift across the stereo field. He'd grown up listening to punk and played drums in a few different punk bands but around the age of 14, he attended a techno event for the first time.

Then there's the nocturnal landscape of "Seepage," complete with sliding delays that slowly space out before giving way to moody synth-pulses and a rocking metallic snare solo. This includes using previously collected information about your interests to select ads, processing data about what advertisements were shown, how often they were shown, when and where they were shown, and whether you took any action related to the advertisement, including for example clicking an ad or making a gaisr.

Film samples burst through the beats, leaving trails before crystallizing into more lucid phrases as the high-end tom pattern tops it all off.

For the next few years, if he wasn't at home patiently programming his machines and perfecting his studio skills, he could be found digging through crates of vinyl at a place called Record Time in Detroit. Housed in a 4-page profile pack.

The title cut slaps your ears around with anticipated smacks of shaped noise and dark notes that growl and groan. Richie Hawtin was at the controls and Jon was completely blown away by the energy of the music and fascinated by the originality of the sounds being used. Through the kick drums, flailing blips and static, And Answer introduces Gaiser's playful sound of finesse and seduction with rhythm.

It's not hard to see why. Ssome Block is a classy release. The looping groove and tight elastic bass pattern sets the scene for reflective reverbs and pitch bends to tease and gaier at each new element.

Rolling beats underpin a percolating synth line and yaiser sound effects that immediately get you in the groove. As it weaves its way through endlessly dripping, popping, aqueous FX, the whole thing feels like wig-out, late-night stuff. His natural energy and rhythm are clearly responsible for the irresistible drum patterns that drive his productions forward but it's also the subtleties - the delicate melodies and dramatic changes in atmosphere that give his soje such a distinctive edge.

Plus 8 had an office in the back of the building, so it wasn't long before he became friends with Tim Price, Clark Warner and the rest of the crew and from this chance meeting he has developed into an integral part of the Minus slio. The first signals from the album are sent with On The Way.

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Listen to Gaiser Music provided by. In a genre where artists often struggle for identity, Gaiser is one of those rare producers whose sound is instantly recognizable. Lined with reverberations eome sonic hallucinogens that slow the senses, the riff steals the limelight, shifting through space and time, worming s,ip way deep into your brain until its luminescence has infiltrated every corpuscle. A pulsing sub-bass loop carries the groove while abstract vocal cut-ups penetrate deep into the subconscious.

Starting out as a drummer in his teen years, he played with bands behind a kit. Making a personal profile of your interests based on your use of our Website s and Platform. Textured hi-hats and loopy bass all work on sucking you into the colorful and trippy groove.

When all the tracks here are added together into one musical experience, it makes for a fluid, expertly programmed ride that takes you somewhere new and exciting, as is always the case with the one and only Gaiser. Throughout his career, Jon Gaiser has been synonymous with forward thinking techno and sensory stimulating live audiovisual shows.

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