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The Author Scott R. Other information Some of the information previously on this page has been moved to a history page. Archived from the original on Proxomitron is old and discontinued but it still works.

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There are several other web sites which have Proxomitron information. This file was dated 18 April, - just a few days before Scott's passing.

Yes Posted Aug 16, for vNaoko 4. In this day and age I even worry someone might sue me because of it.

The Author Scott R. Proxomitron downloads are available from this site directly. Our goal is the creation of a knowledge base to complement existing support sites. The author, Scott R.

Key Features

Third-party filters can also be imported, or "merged," into the configuration. Proxomitron allows you to remove and replace ad banners, Java scripts, off-site images, Flash animations, background images, frames and many other page elements. Other browser features or add-ons, such as Greasemonkey for Firefox and user stylesheets for Firefox and other browsers via the Stylish addon, also allow for local modification of web pages.

All the Proxomitron filters can be customized and edited to your needs.

This section has an unclear citation style. Custom filter webpages as viewed".

Program operation is dictated through the use of a configuration file containing specialized filters which can be written, edited, deleted, enabled or disabled by the user via the program's graphical user interface. The program was distributed under a "ShonenWare" license; it was free to use, but if the user purchased a Shonen Knife CD and convinced Lemmon that he or she had listened to it, then Lemmon would consider that to be sufficient to register that user.

Lemmondied 1 May at age of Info was established to provide information and resources for the Proxomitron, along with the latest versions of Scott's program. The references used may be made clearer with a different or consistent style of citation and footnoting. Proxomitron Proxomitron is an excellent filtering proxy for web browsers operating under MicroSoft Windows.

After the release of Naoko 4. Additionally, it can add, modify, or delete HTTP message headers, be configured to block connections or redirect requests based on the web page addressand be configured to route connections through a remote proxy.

All future development of the program was ceased in just one year before its author's death on 1 May ; even so, Proxomitron is still viable and used on modern Windows platforms such as Vista and Windows Save for later Add to Favorites.

The GUI looks very cluttered due to the background bitmaps, but these can be disabled in the settings.

Download Proxomitron - The Universal Web Filter - View the web the way YOU want

This is just the first time I've actually done it. However, if a change I considered so minor can get me labeled as a "betrayer of trust" from someone I've long regarded with respect, then perhaps I shouldn't be doing proxomitroh at all As Arne said, this isn't the first time I've considered giving it all up. I is the cumulative effort and ongoing project of a small core of Proxomitron enthusiasts who are dedicated to sharing "all things Proxomitron.

The Program For those who have not yet been introduced, meet the Proxomitron: With the release of Naoko 4. Simply put, Proxomitron is a reflection of its creator: User Reviews 5 stars 0 4 stars 1 3 proxomitrpn 0 2 stars 0 1 star 0 Based on 1 review.

Proxomitron is old and discontinued but it still works. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The scripting interface was not designed to be user-friendly. Any browser - it's your choice.

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