Sleaford mods austerity dogs

Please whitelist our site in order to continue to access The Quietus. Rather, it's soaked in the impossible realities of the everyday, and it reworks that into something truly astonishing. Been listening to their stuff all weekend.

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Just portrayals of a city alive with jazz, inequality and badly designed roundabouts. And so — in the form of Austerity Dogs — does its tradition of speaking and acting in order to claim your society as your own.

The disillusioned youth who have traditionally hoarded punk's essence don't stand a chance against something Jason Williamsonwhose sleaforx, ornery rants are delivered like a machine gun of disparagement over bandmate Andrew Fearn 's hammering lo-fi beats. Inevitably, Sleaford Mods have gained comparisons with Nottingham's favourite anti-hero Arthur Seaton indeed, Williamson has played Seaton in a Saturday Night Sunday Morning -inspired event and slraford video for new single 'Mr.

The albums aren't bad at all but their live performances are something else. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Been listening to their stuff all weekend.

Austerity Dogs - Sleaford Mods | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

Jazz Latin New Age. When I say culture, I don't mean something that can be packaged up and sold back at people so they accept their own inferiority.

Urine Mate Welcome to the Club. They tell stories of struggle, hope and ambition; of 'the Broast Street Beat Club' and the Communist Party; and of the time in when Nottingham folk burned down the castle in disgust at the price of bread. Williamson doesn't always sing in the first-person, though — there are frequent changes of perspective in mid-flow.

The Wage Don't Fit. The visible anger emanating from the lyrical and vocal delivery of Jason Williamson on any Sleaford Mods track is bred from the experience of the realities of everyday life in Nottingham; lack of opportunities, social disorder, locked in as a dead-end labour worker, pissed off in general.

Austerity Dogs

There's a brutal poeticism to the delivery as Williamsonin his thick Midlands accent, takes down horrible employers "The cunt with the gut and the Buzz Lightyear haircut, calling the workers plebs"other bands "I hate that lad shit, that red top nice tits Ian McCulloch white boy bore me fuckless terrace bit"and crappy clubs "Pot-bellied promoters, cheap coasters, I can't get the fucking stain off"or just spouts hilarious obscurities "I'm gonna wee in a basin, unleash a horrible looking vampire like James Mason ".

MattTD July 5th Comments. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. So instead of Arthur Seaton, I want to suggest that Sleaford Mods carries on the tradition of another working class figure strongly associated with Nottingham — Ray Gosling, who passed away on November 19th.

Support The Quietus Make a Contribution. Sleaford Mods speaks too. Login Create a Profile.

The Strange World Of InfamousGrouse July 5th Comments. It's all absolutely brilliant, and you'll not hear a more unsettling piece of music than 'Donkey''s dystopian half-hop all year.

Would have these lads down as Tennent's Super types. It looks like you're using an adblocker. It's bound to polarize listeners, but ultimately it gives the impression of being fully armed throughout, and keeping up that kind of intensity is a tough trick to pull off.

Introspection Soeaford Night Partying. A noticeable element of the album holistically is the sonic approach within the production; it is minimal and not very dynamic in the palette of instruments and sounds used.

Each song is a stream-of-unconsciousness from the collective dream-time of the dead-end worker austerihy pissed off with his boss, pissed off with shit drug dealers, pissed off with aggro cunts in clubs, pissed off with "Brian Eno — what the fuck does he know? It will polarise the general public with its minimalistic and curse-riddled lyric content, but that is the purpose of this release, just as Williamson talks about how austerity splits the social classes.

On 2 Music Lists. As a 'debut' its right up there.

Still enjoyable as hell though. So it's a less shit Slaves basically. Austerity Dogs isn't "we're all in this together" claptrap, nor some expensively educated pillock holidaying in other peoples' poverty like they've never heard 'Common People'. Sexy Trippy All Moods.

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