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Najwa made a world tour to complement Saharni ' s success, taking in the Middle East as well as destinations such as France and the U. The album gained widespread attention through its rigorous advertising campaign, which included the billboard posters, many television appearances [on popular variety programs such as Dandana , and Akeed Maestro ], and music video clips for singles. The success of album Nedmaneh brought about a number of awards, including a coveted Murex D'or for "Best Arabic Artist" award, and three special awards from Karam's production company, Rotana:

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The advertisement had the public wondering what message the posters were relaying, and who did the mysterious hand belong to? Najwa Karam toured ypmma United States and Canada with Lebanese Stars Wael Kfoury and Fadel Shaker, the tour lasted for a little more than a month as they visited major cities and was all success.

kara The song "Aaskah" "Falling in love" was an enormous hit, hitting number one all over the Middle East, and was also quite popular abroad. Despite her personal discontent, she had no choice but release nnajwa, bound by a contract with her production company. Retrieved 19 August English 1 2 3 4 French Russian Transliteration. For example, the song "El Helw" was heavily influenced by foreign beats and synthesised melodies.

In Novemberbillboards and unipolls all over Beirut were displaying a lady's hand upon a cloudy horizon. Shu Jani was a contemporary pop song, with the use of traditional Lebanese instruments.

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It had harmonious musical arrangements which used the traditional Lebanese instrument the Qanounalong with other yoomma instruments such as the violin and the accordion. InKaram's tenth album Oyoun Qalbi became her highest selling album.

Its video clip aired on Rotana Music Channels, attracting a large audience through its classy styles, such as the spider-webbed characteristics. A 2D version was also released for Television and YouTube.

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The new album was called Ana Ma'akon "I am with you". It holds the up-to-date record for best-selling Arabic album of all time. Karam in January These musical stylings, along with an uplifting song topic and a powerful "mini movie" video clip made the song a huge hit.

As expected, the album failed to do as well as Shams el-Ghinnieh. It was argued by these tabloids that it was disrespectful for Karam to release new material at such a time. It is worth mentioning that along with the lead single "Khallini Shufak", three other songs are receiving huge success: By the time her record Saharni was released inshe had established herself as one of the most prominent Lebanese singers and as a Middle Eastern pop icon.

Karam rose to stardom throughout the s, earning the moniker, Shams el-Ghinnieh "The Sun of Song"najsa her eponymous album and topping the charts throughout the Arab World with her albums, Naghmet HobMa BassmahlakMaghroumehand Rouh Rouhi.

After Najwa decided to postpone her upcoming album, a Song called "Wayn" appeared on the internet. Folk Folk Folk Original spelling: The album contained eight songs.

The tracks on the album were quite different from those of Najwa's previous albums, with a more contemporary sound. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Gradually, the billboards had bits of the lady added to the picture, until on 30 November the "mystery lady" was revealed as Najwa Karam.

Login or register to post comments. Rotana set up a large launch party in Downtown Beirutwhere over fifteen thousand of Karam's fans packed the streets, waiting for Najwa to appear and sing her new material.

She also travelled to Australia, where her concert there still holds the record for largest ever recorded concert attendance for an Arabic artist. Najwa's fortunes took a turn for the better when she was approached by the Middle East's largest recording homma, Rotanaowned by the Saudi Arabian Prince Walid Bin Talel.

Ya Yomma Najwa Karam نجوى كرم يا يما by gab | Gab | Free Listening on SoundCloud

English French Hebrew Russian Transliteration 1 2. Retrieved 17 March The single was released in late September and was critically acclaimed for its message and vocals, although criticised for its short running time. It was similar to the Maghroumeh album, but had a number of tweaks in the vocal and musical styles.

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