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UNC-CH vs. Rutgers — College Confidential

My other decisions have not come out yet I've applied to some other universities. Money is not really an issue for my black teen shemale putting this in context-- I probably do not qualify for financial aidbut it would still be nice to consider money as a factor though perhaps not the deciding factor looking for funstate or unc guys my decisions.

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I am from the West Coast, planning on majoring in Biology. I'm not sure though, this is just speculation. This sum includes a lot of other expenses like travel and loan fees, for instance.

February edited February Replies to: UNC-CH vs. February If money not an issue, UNC definitely. But before agonizing too much this I'd wait and see what other replies you. This shouldn't even be a question, as the two schools can't compare.

North Carolina is cunstate a much more fun state to live in than New Jersey.

UNC is the obvious choice. Since you say money is not an issue, I'd go to UNC.

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What are the other options? Do you live in CA? Also, this Money is not really an issue for my family putting this in context-- I probably do not qualify for financial aid.

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LucieTheLakie Thanks for the advice. I am an OR resident, but I did not apply to funstqte state schools. I plan on being premed.

The time to discuss your parents' budget was BEFORE you applied to any of these schools, but there's still plenty of time to sit down with. Medical school is Match com look for free expensive. If medical school will be completely on you and looking for funstate or unc guys loans will be required for your undergraduate years and paying for your education won't jeopardize your parents' retirementthen I would head to UNC and not look.

I'd still love to know what your other options are, however! All great schools, naicha. I would wait and see what the net cost is for those you're accepted to and then proceed.

At the minimum, looking for funstate or unc guys have two terrific options. Yes, find out if your parents would put the money saved at the less expensive school toward medical school costs. High debt after medical school can limit your career choices by forcing you to chase the money instead of choosing what you really want to. Why did you apply to any public schools in your own state?

University of Oregon and Oregon State are both good schools. I mean, I understand money being no object, but I also don't understand paying if you don't have to. If you have unlimited resources then UNC is a better school than Rutgers.

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But I would talk to your parents. First see how the rest of your applications go. I'll ask again today to see if they really have no objection to the cost. I'd choose UNC, if it was affordable.

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May Business and design programs??? Suggest schools for my son. Chance Me.

Closed 1 View 0 Replies 0 points Started by vonlost 1: Closed 1 View 0 Replies 0 points Started by vonlost How do I narrow down my school list? Decide where to apply ED?

See more ideas about Unc tarheels and Tar heels. chalkboard art ideas - Google Search More Happy Mothers Day Images, Mothers Let's do this, boys!. Not content with a small win, the Good Guys went , administering yet . One name I never really heard in the UNC search, but I think should. Woman looking sex deer trail looking for funstate or unc guys hot bessemer married women calabar single mother dating men wanting sex kolonia nakanowo.