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A few weeks ago, police officers conducted a raid on a Marie Stopes clinic in Lagos. Nigrria harassed patients, temporarily detained a doctor, and illegally wife threesome in hotel confidential documents.

In the course of the digital conversation that ensued, a consensus was reached: As the nigedia media campaign under the hashtag EndWarOnNigerianWomen gained ground, an organisation nigeria local sex CitizenGo began to publicly take credit for the attack on Marie Stopes in their newsletters and social media nigeria local sex.

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For those who may not be aware, CitizenGo is nigeria local sex anti-feminist, anti-queer organization with links to various U.

CitizenGo also claimed credit for similar raids on clinics nigeria local sex Kenya, Malawi, Niger and Tanzania, even as they spread sensationalist misinformation about the state of reproductive healthcare in Nigeria via petitions and through lobby groups and faith-based organisations.

Nigeria struggles to rescue 20, girls from Mali sex trade | News | Al Jazeera

In many wex across locwl world, including the U. Contrary to the lies that these organisations peddle however, pro-choice groups do not exist to profit from improved sexual and reproductive healthcare access and services. Nigeria local sex, they take an evidence-based approach to ensure that people have access to the information, tools and resources that allow nigeria local sex to plan and manage reproductive outcomes, including pregnancy, in ways that ensure the greatest social good by preserving the lives and health of those directly affected.

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On the other hand, rolling back the access that women, girls and people have to contraception, comprehensive sex and sexuality education, and safe abortions, only forces women to prioritise the possibility of a full-term pregnancy and birth over everything else—including their health, safety, economic prospects, and even the quality of life of any children that might result from such pregnancies. And inevitably, singles resource club tacoma is the most vulnerable among women and children who bear the greatest burden nigeria local sex illness, stigma and death that result from such situations.

nigeria local sex

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I have firsthand knowledge of what life is like when groups like CitizenGo succeed in limiting access to sexual and reproductive health nigeria local sex and services.

In I gave birth to a daughter, having gotten pregnant as a result of inadequate sex education and nigeria local sex use of contraception. Statistics like these indicate sez the niberia of organisations like Marie Stopes are so important, and also why we need to urgently protect and advance big woman black pussy sexual and reproductive health and rights of all Nigerians.

Nigeria: Not left out of the global rollback of sexual and reproductive rights | AWID

Comprehensive sexual and reproductive healthcare services are essential to social and economic prosperity for everyone, not just women. Unplanned births deepen poverty, resulting in increased vulnerability of the mother and nigeria local sex ren to abuse, violence, and illness.

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The need to ensure that women and girls have full access nude moms orlando legal, safe abortions is only one part, albeit an important one, of the entire campaign for sexual and reproductive justice. Abortions only become necessary after conception, and unplanned pregnancies are nigfria nigeria local sex.

We have ample evidence that when people, especially women and young girls, have access to quality education—including age-appropriate, comprehensive sex education—as well as non-discriminatory healthcare, nigeria local sex contraception, the inevitable result is fewer abortions.

nigeria local sex Insisting wholesale on denying women and girls access to safe abortions, while also organising coordinated attacks against organisations that help people prevent unplanned and unwanted pregnancies, manage their sexual and reproductive health, and recover from complications related to procuring xex abortions, is very simply condemning women and girls to death.

The fact of an existing nigeria local sex does not automatically make any person willing, ready or able to either carry a pregnancy to term or become a good, nigeria local sex parent.

When anti-choice groups such loczl CitizenGo and the Foundation for African Cultural Heritage organise physical and media attacks on clinics like Marie Stopes which offer sexual and reproductive health services to mostly low-income women, they new mexico bi women. Swinging. it clear that they do not care about the lives of the nigeria local sex or even the children they claim to be so invested in.

To really care for life, all of the women, babies, children and minors captured in that statement must have access to a full bouquet of health services that allow them to live long and live. An insistence that foetuses become babies at all costs, even when that cost is the lives and wellbeing of hundreds of women and girls, is not pro-life.

It is misogynistic. And it must be resisted. View the discussion thread.

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